Pokémon GO Great Storage Box ridiculed by angry players

Pokémon GO Great Storage Box ridiculed by angry players
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Megan Cooke


7th Sep 2023 19:09

Pokemon GO players feel cheated by the name of one of the in-game item boxes thanks to it's "clickbait" name.

Despite it's name, the Great Storage Box is not going to solve anyone's storage problems as the content of the box is rather misleasing since it only contains one storage option.

The Great Storage box has been called out for its misleading name


Reddit user MaceArmani took to the Pokemon GO subreddit to complain about the contents of the box, which does not live up to its name.

Alongside a picture of the Great Storage box and it's contents, they wrote: "And The Winner For The Most Clickbait Name Of A Box Goes To..."

The box, which can be purchased for 675 PokéCoins, contains three premium battle passes, three super incubators, and only one pokemon storage item.

While the box itself is good value for money, the items individually costing over 1000 coins, the name is definitely misleading given that most of the value is in the super incubators which usually cost 200 coins each.

Reddit users are upset due to the item box's clickbait

by u/MaceArmani from discussion
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Many of the commenters on u/MaceArmani's post agreed that the box had a clickbait name.

One user said: "You see, its The Great Storage Box because it fills up your storage… What else would it mean?"

"Hatch box is a joke too. Good value on what’s inside, but very misleading," added another user, refering to one of the in-game boxes recently on sale which reportedly contained 1 normal incubator, 3 raid passes and some potions.

Other users were quick to defend the box, stating that despite the name it was good value.

"Honestly this is such a good box for me since I need all 3 of those things," shared a player, while another said "If you are in the market for storage and incubators, it is good value is it not or am i missing something…"

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