Pokemon Fan Creates Fidough Evolution Flavours

Pokemon Fan Creates Fidough Evolution Flavours
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5th Aug 2022 09:08

People, we've got a new Lechonk on our hands. Red alert. Just as fans fell in love with the blessed piggy in a recent teaser for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, they've done exactly the same for Fidough.

This adorable unbaked baby was first seen in the recent Pokemon Presents napping on countertops and walking around the wilderness. They are incredibly sweet, and fans have fallen in love instantly - yet they're all incredibly compelled to eat him. And now, one fan has designed some new forms for the little guy to make him suit any palette.

What Are The Fidough Evolutions?

Although we don't know whether Fidough will be evolving into something like Hot Dog, that hasn't stopped fans from imagining what its future forms could be. Only adding fuel to the raging fire of fans wanting to scran the cute little puppy, one fan has taken to Reddit with their new fan art of many different Fidoughs, all baked differently.

The art is created by user u/PringlesThief and shows off donut, focaccia, baguette, pizza, croissant, and pretzel variants of the little guy. Each has its own personality and is designed in a similar way to the game's regional variants of Pokemon, like the new Paldean Wooper that was revealed in the trailer.

The art is incredibly cute, and answers the question of what Pokemon could do with the concept of a new Eevee-style Pokemon with various forms. And though they look delicious, they definitely wouldn't be. Who's for a wet dog croissant?


What Would Fidough Taste Like?

Fidough Pokemon
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Players, in their fervour to gobble up the lovely little fella, have neglected to read up on the biology of Fidough, so they wouldn't know that he'd taste dreadful. Canonically, the Pokemon can ferment things near it with its breath, meaning that it's likely it has an organ or gland that contains the means to do so - and imagine biting into that. Nah. Not good.

Nastiness aside, the fan art is incredibly cute and is making us yearn for more Fidough forms. As we wait for a full reveal of Gen 9, we're also dying to know what Fuecoco, Sprigatito, and Quaxly will turn into. Still, Fidough could be an altogether more interesting evolution than a crocodile, cat, and duck. Come on, The Pokemon Company, you've still got time.

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