Pokemon Concierge trailer is the cutest thing since Togepi

Pokemon Concierge trailer is the cutest thing since Togepi
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15th Nov 2023 13:01

In 2023, it's not just video games at the TCG that make bank for the Pokemon series. Alongside Pokemon Centers popping up all over the world to flog that lucrative merch, a slew of TV series and movies have joined the long-running anime to keep the Pokecoins flowing. 

While there's still been no news on that rumoured Detective Pikachu 2, there's been TV Tokyo's live-action series, and Pokemon Horizons taking the anime into a new era after Ash Ketchum. Alongside this, Netflix has just unveiled the trailer for Pokemon Concierge. It could be the cutest one yet.

Pokemon Concierge is coming

Announced back in February's Pokemon Presents, we already knew some of what to expect from Pokemon Concierge. Now, it's boasting a two-minute trailer and December 28 release to get us more hyped. The first collab between The Pokemon Company and Netflix includes four episodes, each running between 14 and 20 minutes. 

Pokemon Concierge follows a young woman called Haru, who takes up a job at an island hotel resort catering for Pokemon who need some R&R. Netflix promises Haru "gradually discovers herself as she and her fellow staff members scramble to attend to the various Pokémon guests."

The English voice cast is led by Karen Fukuhara as Haru. You might recognise her as The Female from Amazon's The Boys. In the trailer, Haru madly dashes around for a snoozing Snorlax, chirpy Wobuffet, and a rogue Psyduck. We love tiny details like Psyduck quacking as it's driven around on a bike. 

Fans can't get enough of Pokemon Concierge

Pokemon Concierge Dragonite
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The adorable art style of Pokemon Concierge has gone down a treat, with one fan cheering on Twitter, "I originally wasn’t a fan of stop motion shows only movies like Paranorman and Coraline. But after the Voltorb stop motion short im actually looking forward to this a lot."

Another said, "I'm totally going to watch this. It's so different than anything Pokémon Company has done with the series before," and a third gushed, "Pokemon Concierge has no right looking this cute." Someone else praised the style reminiscent of 1964's Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, saying, "This art style looks GORGEOUS 😍"

Not everyone was sold, with a rare critic saying, "Can’t get into this. Not only does it look like there’s no action aka Pokémon battles, but no Ash and Serena = no money." Others said it looks like a pretty tame outing that will likely be missing the signature battles that make the anime what it is.

Pokemon Concierge comes courtesy of Dwarf Studio, which previously worked on the stop-motion Rilakkuma and Kaoru for Netflix. If nothing else, Pokemon Concierge looks like it will be packed full of heart. Giving us something to watch during that limbo between Christmas and New Year, we say, roll on December 28.  

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