Detective Pikachu 2 gets a long-awaited update

Detective Pikachu 2 gets a long-awaited update
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Tom Chapman


6th Mar 2023 16:48

It looks like we've finally got another case to crack, as Detective Pikachu 2 is moving forward at Legendary Pictures. The Pokemon franchise is going nowhere, and as things continue to boom, the follow-up to the 2019 movie is long overdue.

While there are plenty of us who remember the thrill of stepping into the cinema to watch Pokemon: The First Movie, it was nothing compared to a live-action Pokemon movie. Now, Ryan Reynolds is back as the mystery-solving 'Mon.

What's going on with Detective Pikachu 2?

Detective Pikachu
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According to Deadline, Portlandia's Jonathan Krisel is taking over from original director Rob Letterman, while The Kings of Summer's Chris Galletta is writing Detective Pikachu.

The site can't confirm whether Ryan Reynolds will be back as the titular mouse, however, it's expected that some sort of deal will be struck with the Deadpool star.

If Reynolds doesn't return, it'd be a pretty damning situation. Although fans were divided by Reynolds voicing Detective Pikachu, it wouldn't feel like a proper sequel without him.

Before Detective Pikachu premiered, 22 Jump Street's Oren Uziel was attached to write a sequel, until plans changed massively. it's unclear whether Galletta will work off the Uziel script or start afresh.

Detective Pikachu 2 is working off an impressive legacy

The original Detective Pikachu made an impressive $430 million at the box office on a budget of $150 million, and while it wasn't perfect, it was a strong start based on an already established IP. 

Only last month, we reported that things were moving forward with Detective Pikachu 2. This comes after Justice Smith said we should probably bury our hopes of a sequel. Kathryn Newton has also expressed her hopes for a sequel, and now, it looks like her wish is coming true. 

There's no news on what Detective Pikachu will be about, but we imagine there will be a lot more Pokemon. The first movie made Mewtwo the big bad, so we also guess there will be a new villain to contend with this time around. 

Sadly, we're no closer to getting Detective Pikachu 2 the game. To be honest, we'll take the plucky detective in whatever form we can.

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