New GTA 6 trailer leak already debunked

New GTA 6 trailer leak already debunked
Images via Rockstar Games

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Tom Chapman


30th Jan 2024 14:44

The world is waiting with bated breath, but we wouldn't hold it for too long. After waiting over a decade for Rockstar Games to reveal GTA 6 (despite it being hit with leaks for years), we're expecting a similar slow marketing campaign until its eventual release. 

We know the next chapter in the Grand Theft Auto universe is on the way at some point in 2025, and with us potentially another 23 months until release, there will surely be a lot of trailers and reveals between now and then. The first GTA 6 trailer broke records on YouTube, and now, we want more. 

GTA 6's second trailer is already debunked

Do you want another one? While Rockstar hasn't confirmed the next GTA 6 trailer, the internet is a minefield of leaks and rumours. Even though huge swathes of GTA 6 leaks about a female protagonist and return to Vice City turned out to be legitimate, there was also a LOT that was made up for Reddit upvotes.

Now, Twitter account @Agent0154 claims that the second GTA 6 trailer is coming on March 7. We'd never heard of the account either, and considering the OP said their "sources," we were already sceptical. They shared an apparent screenshot from the new trailer, and this is where things fell apart.

The replies soon tore the post to part, saying that the "screenshot" came from a batch of AI images that had been shared before. Others claimed it was a screenshot from the GTA-esque Sleeping Dogs. Either way, it looks like we're back to square one when it comes to the next GTA 6 trailer. 

Our hopes for the next GTA trailer 

An image of a map in GTA with Vice City characters on top
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Image via Rockstar Games

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To be honest, Rockstar could leave us dangling for a while yet. Even though we pored over the first trailer frame-by-frame, we're still spotting things like a potential tease of the map and a nod to Vice City's Tommy Vercetti.

One thing we're hopefully going to get in the next trailer is a backstory for the male protagonist. We know Lucia is the female lead, while leaks have claimed the man is called Jason. There are plenty of theories about who he could be (possibly an undercover cop), and we're expecting more story details in the next trailer.

With a long road ahead of us in terms of marketing, we're not even sure we'll be getting any gameplay in the second GTA trailer. Still, given the record-breaking success of the first trailer, our first look at gameplay is likely to melt YouTube. 

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