Everything you missed in the GTA 6 trailer: Setting, vehicles, characters & more

Everything you missed in the GTA 6 trailer: Setting, vehicles, characters & more
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5th Dec 2023 11:20

We can't just have a normal night in the games industry, can we? We'd gathered the popcorn and cosied up on the sofa, ready for the launch of the GTA 6 trailer - only to find out that it had leaked last night and Rockstar had reacted by dropping the trailer ahead of time.

The Grand Theft Auto leaks had wrought its promotion, but this is a step we never knew that the company would take. Regardless, the GTA 6 trailer is officially here, and fans are already getting out their magnifying glasses to see what lies in store for us when the game launches in 2025. So, what did we miss?

What can we glean from the trailer? What's that grocery store alligator's name? Here's everything you might've missed in the GTA 6 trailer. Although, sorry, the jury’s still out on the alligator.

Lucia and her partner take centre stage

Lucia and her partner robbing a store in GTA VI.
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Leaks indicated we could be in for our very first (proper) female protagonist in Grand Theft Auto, and lo and behold, here she is. Lucia is clearly our protagonist, with her partner serving as something of a supporting character in the trailer. We still don’t know his name, even if leaks have indicated he's a playable character called Jason.

We see that Lucia already has a criminal past as she's introduced to us in a bright orange jumpsuit, and it looks like she's getting involved once again with her armed robberies. She won't do it alone, as we see her in bed with her lover, stating that "the only way we’re gonna get through this is by sticking together."

Leaks once indicated that Lucia and the secondary protagonist would be brother and sister, and based on this interaction, we're praying that they’re not.

There's a lot happening across Vice City and beyond

A strip of night clubs with a street awash with sports cars in Vice City, in the GTA VI trailer.
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It seems very much as though Vice City, the returning locale of the game that has been rumoured to be in GTA 6 for a very long time, is only a small portion of the explorable area here. The rest of the map appears to be inspired by Florida with all of its strip clubs, mud clubs, drag meets, and lunatics diving through tables at open-air parties.

There appears to be beaches, neon-soaked clubbing strips, marshlands, and more to explore. It's all set across a state thought to be called Leonida, thanks to an in-trailer social media account named PlanetLeonidaMan, and a translation of the news broadcast displaying the heavily-tattooed convict. The Florida connections just keep on coming.

There are so many vehicles

A hover boat tearing across marshlands in GTA VI's trailer.
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Even aside from the fact that the iconic Cheetah sports car that has appeared in every GTA game since GTA III is returning (rejoice), there are clearly a lot of different whips to pull up in.

Most notable is the airboat that we see tear across marshlands as birds disperse - but along with them are seaplanes, tow boats, yachts, monster trucks, amphibious helicopters, and more. There isn't any word of wonky bicycle mini-games just yet, but don't give up hope.

Social media seems to dominate Leonida

A video shared to social media by the Thrillbilly Mud Club in GTA VI's trailer.
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It was only natural that Rockstar Games would have something to say about the way that social media has changed since the release of GTA V, and it looks like it's delivering massively on its satirical take on those darn mobile phones in GTA 6.

The trailer is awash with asses shaking, naked dudes running amok, brash (terrible) drivers goading the roads, club DJs busting out the tunes and the Thrillbilly Mud Club doing what they do best - getting twisted on Pisswasser and sliding around in the muck.

It's an interesting angle for the trailer itself to take, as it puts us in the pockets of every resident of Leonida, and we'll have to see just how this addiction to social media will impact our interactions across the state.

New animals are everywhere

An alligator crawling into a grocery store in GTA VI's trailer.
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Nawh. We know that there are more amphibious creatures joining the GTA series, as the alligator that strolls into the convenience store during the trailer seems perfectly at home, and the birds of the marshlands seemed pretty content before they were rustled by the airboat.

Along with them, there's also a mousy little dog trotting along the beach during one moment. This breed of dog doesn't appear in GTA V, indicating that there could be a whole host of animals across the map that we've never seen in the series before. The dinky doggie is certainly no Chop, but we'll withhold our judgement.

There are Easter Eggs galore

A woman poses in a Sessanta Nove bikini in GTA VI's trailer.
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What’s GTA without a little bit of a taking the p*ss, eh? Thankfully, even though the trailer enjoyed dousing the player with the carnage that lies in wait in Leonida, it didn't skimp on references to things that we recognise from the franchise.

In the trailer, we can see crates of Pisswasser and Logger Light, Sessanta Nove bikinis, the return of Weazel News, and heaps of gags that poke fun at American society.

The banknotes used in the state read that they stand as tender in the "United States of Paranoia," as well as the postage store being called "Go Postal" (don't mind if we do), and a billboard advertising a dissociative that "cures emotions." Sounds like a ride. 

Remembering this trailer was just marketed as "Trailer 1", and we could have a two-year wait on our hands until GTA 6 releases sometime in 2025, there should be plenty more to obsesses over until we finally boot up the new-gen game. 

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