MultiVersus Season 1 Delayed By Warner Bros

MultiVersus Season 1 Delayed By Warner Bros
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4th Aug 2022 09:08

It's been a rough week for Warner Bros. The company made perhaps one of the strangest money-saving moves of the last decade by choosing to can its practically finished Batgirl movie - announcing that it wouldn't be appearing in cinemas or on HBO Max as planned. Others like Scoob!: Holiday Haunt have suffered the same fate.

It's prompted a lot of confusion online, with many fans disappointed that the hard work of the teams that worked on the films will go unrewarded. Although WB has announced a release window for the Joker sequel, it hasn't done much to deflect from the controversial move. And as it turns out, the chaos isn't limited just to Hollywood, because it's impacting video games too.

Has MuliVersus Season 1 Been Delayed?

MultiVersus Rick and Morty
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Warner Bros.

It looks like we won't be getting that new update when we thought we would, as it has now been announced that the first season of MultiVersus and the release of Morty as a playable character have been delayed. Just when MultiVersus was pitching itself as the next Smash Bros. of the fighter world. 

The news was revealed on the MultiVersus Twitter account, and it was done in a pretty vague way. After thanking fans for playing the game's open beta, the account went on to reveal the disappointing news - "We want to let everyone know that we are delaying the start of Season 1 & the release of Morty to a later date," the Twitter thread reads.

"We know this might be disappointing for some and want to assure our Community that we are dedicated to delivering new and exciting content that delights players." It's a shame, as MultiVersus has already bagged millions of players and topped charts to become the most popular game on the Steam Deck.


Fans Aren't Happy About MultiVersus' Season 1 Delay


Fans have taken to Twitter to express just how irritated they are that the new season and Morty have been pushed back. One fan raged, "This is disappointing, especially knowing how little content the game has, for example I have the battle pass completed and my favorite characters, I'm bored to continue playing without new characters or battle pass." 

Another fumed, "Bruh this sucks the game needs some new content I’m getting bored of the same characters and stuff." Unfortunately, the game's new content is coming a little later than expected - at an undisclosed date. To be honest, this is just another item to add to the ever-growing list of nightmares coming out of Warner Bros at the moment. Brace yourselves - it could get worse.

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