MultiVersus Hackers Have Unlocked Rick And Morty Early

MultiVersus Hackers Have Unlocked Rick And Morty Early
Images: Player First Games

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Joseph Kime


29th Jul 2022 10:18


Finally, MultiVersus is in our hands. The Smash-alike has been long-awaited, mostly as a result of its bizarre lineup of characters and its voice cast. To the surprise of many, the gameplay of MultiVersus is incredibly tight, too.

Beating the snot out of The Iron Giant as Shaggy Rogers aside, MultiVersus is incredible fun, and if the hype is able to ramp up just a little further, it could be a new domineer in the party game space. If the upcoming character leaks are anything to go by, that shift could be coming soon. But as it turns out, hackers are already cracking the game for their nefarious needs - and they're getting characters early.

Are Rick And Morty In MultiVersus Ahead Of Time?

Player First Games announced that the iconic Rick and Morty from the cartoon of the same name would be coming to MultiVersus as individual fighters. They're set for release on August 9, but that's not quite the case.

Although we didn't see anything beyond their character models at San Diego Comic-Con, a new peek at hacks from cheaters have hinted that they're already in-game and are ready to be dug out by a little mining.

In a recent stream, Twitch content creator ConnorEatsPants noticed that a player in his MultiVersus lobby hovered briefly over Rick - implying that they've accessed the character ahead of their release on August 9. His idle animation plays, showing him reaching for his portal gun, which is particularly exciting as we actually haven't seen it before. It seems legit.


What Rick And Morty Skins Are Coming To MultiVersus?

Not only have we seen Rick in-game, but we've also got a peek at some of his skins thanks to yet another leak. Man, MultiVersus really needs to up its digital security. The leak courtesy of Reddit user No_Fudge4572 reveals the Gundam Rick costume, the SEAL team costume, and (of course) Pickle Rick himself.

There's no word on Morty's looks just yet, but judging by the rate of leaks coming from MultiVersus, it wouldn't be very surprising to see the costumes soon. Rick and Morty are already in, probably against the wishes of Player First - but hackers have had their way with the game now. If we're getting more characters soon, chances are we'll see them long before the game itself wants us to.

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