MultiVersus' Velma No Longer Calls The Cops On Enemies. She Kidnaps Them Instead

MultiVersus' Velma No Longer Calls The Cops On Enemies. She Kidnaps Them Instead
Images: Player First Games

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Joseph Kime


12th Sep 2022 12:29

MultiVersus has been smashing it recently.

Players were of course sceptical that a game based on Warner Bros properties that was very clearly a Smash rip could be a success, but 10 million downloads later, the game has more than proved itself to be worth the hype.

The game's constant updates have been keeping it exciting too, with the arrival of Rick and Morty bringing a lot of love to Player First Games' doorstep.

And now, a surprising new update has kept Velma from being a grass. It does make her a human trafficker, though.

Velma Doesn't Call The Cops In MultiVersus Anymore

In a new update, one of Velma's abilities has been altered so that she doesn't call the police on opponents in MultiVersus anymore. She's all about private action now.

Velma's passive ability allows her to gather "evidence", and once she has enough, she can call the cops on foes who take them away. But now, the special move has been replaced, so instead of the miscellaneous feds showing up, it is instead the Mystery Machine that arrives to solve the mystery and see them off.

The move was called out online as a tone-deaf, especially as Velma holds up a sign that indicates that the foe is Old Man Jenkins, which means not only is Velma a snitch, she's a liar.

MultiVersus Brings In New Hitbox Changes

Along with the new Velma change, a lot of changes are coming to the game when it comes to the character's hitboxes.

The hitboxes of many characters (especially when executing moves) have been very simplistic, but now, new changes have been made to make their boxes much more realistic.

It's a welcome change, especially with competitive players - and the changes are very much appreciated among those who aren't the biggest fan of the police. Although we're not confident that actual kidnap is much better.

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