Big Chungus Could Be Joining MultiVersus

Big Chungus Could Be Joining MultiVersus
Images via WarnerBros.

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Tarran Stockton


29th Aug 2022 09:26

The MultiVersus roster leaks have been constant over the past few months, and now sources point toward Big Chungus - the chunky version of Bugs Bunny - potentially joining the roster in the future. 

As a crossover fighting game, the sky really is the limit for the amount of different characters that can fit into the MultiVersus roster. Warner Bros. has a rich diversity of properties stretching back nearly one hundred years, and they've already featured some of the biggest characters from Loony Tunes, the DC Universe, and Game of Thrones for the open beta. Now they're looking into the world of internet memes, with Big Chungus set to potentially be added down the line. 

Big Chungus Leaked As Potential MultiVersus Fighter

The leak for Big Chungus joining the MultiVersus roster comes from VGC reporter Andrew Marmo on his personal Twitter. He reported that Warner Bros. filed a trademark (which can be seen above) for Big Chungus on August 26, allowing them to use his name and likeness in video games. While this trademark doesn't necessarily confirm his inclusion in MultiVersus, we aren't aware of any Loony Tunes themed games in development, and adding him to the crossover fighter makes sense.


The Big Chungus character gained popularity on the internet back in 2018, becoming a viral meme due to his physical stature that contrasts Bug Bunny's typically wiry, thin frame. Since then, the character has been added to Loony Tunes: World of Mayhem on mobile devices, so there is a precedent for using his likeness in video games.

What Other Characters Might Join The MultiVersus Roster?

Big Chungus only scratches the surface for the list of characters potentially joining the MultiVersus roster. Rick Sanchez, Morty, Black Adam, and Stripe from Gremlins have already been confirmed to join the lineup soon, but the past year has seen a myriad of different leaks and rumours. 

Early screenshots from a development build showed fighter portraits for characters like Gandalf, the Joker, Daenerys Targaryen, and the Wicked Witch of the West. We are yet to see any of these formally announced, but Player First Games are looking to frequently add new fighters to shake up the roster, so keep an eye out for who is next. 

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