MultiVersus Could Be Getting A Breaking Bad DLC

MultiVersus Could Be Getting A Breaking Bad DLC
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Joseph Kime


9th Aug 2022 14:47

MultiVersus has a lot going on. That's kind of the draw, to be honest. Pitting characters from Game of Thrones, Scooby-Doo, and Adventure Time against each other is exactly what makes the game so special. And now, as one pro player makes a big request, the game has teased a curious crossover that could be on the way.

The expanding roster of characters from Space Jam (if an actual human being Lebron James counts as a "character") and Rick and Morty is only set to make it even more extensive as it stretches further and further into pop culture. So, what about Heisenberg himself? 

Is Walter White Coming To MultiVersus?

Players have been rallying together to make a bold request to Player First Games - that they add Walter White from Breaking Bad to MultiVersus. Bryan Cranston made the character famous after playing him from 2008 until 2013 and still being known for him today.

Breaking Bad is making its resurgence in hype with the abundance of memes and the appearance of the final season of Better Call Saul (with Cranston reprising his role). That doesn't matter to fans, who are demanding that Walt and his meth-peddling Heisenberg persona appear in the game.

During EVO 2022, the now-champion of MultiVersus Dark Nakat has been calling for Walter White's addition to the game, like an incessant campaigner. Others are picking up on it and are forcing the walterwhite4multiversus campaign into a Waluigi-For-Smash-grade seriousness. More than this, Player First Games is taking notice.


MultiVersus Teases Walter White In MultiVersus… Sort Of

The official MultiVersus Twitter account has semi-responded to these calls to bring Walter White into the game. Whoever is on the social media has started liking tweets talking about bringing the Breaking Bad icon into the game. Even though this might be an effort to reward fans for tweeting about the game, others have interpreted it as the team making early plans to follow through on fan demand.

As Better Call Saul comes to an end, we're rightly asking whether this is the end of the Badverse. If it is, what better way to honour it than by adding Walter White to MultiVersus? We don't know whether this will truly ever happen - but we're definitely keen for the criminal kingpin to kick Bugs Bunny in the teeth.

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