MultiVersus players say they saved Gold during the beta and have been "screwed" by the relaunch

MultiVersus players say they saved Gold during the beta and have been "screwed" by the relaunch
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Lloyd Coombes


30th May 2024 10:10

MultiVersus is back, and with a very respectable concurrent player count on Steam, no less. The platform fighter that brings in the likes of Batman, Bugs Bunny, and, er, Jason Vorhees is off to a solid start.

Or should that be restart? After all, MultiVersus had an open beta in 2022, and while players are being offered some bonuses for returning to the game this time around, some feel like they've got the short end of the stick.

Players bemoan loss of saved MultiVersus Gold

Users have taken to the game's subreddit to note that, while players are being awarded a set of cosmetics depending on how much Gold they earned during the open beta (it still feels weird to call it that because it always felt as though the game was out, but I digress), any Gold they had left on their account is gone.

Gold was a currency earnable just through playing the game, so there's a good chance players ended up with fistfuls of it if they really enjoyed it, but poster RockmanBN goes on to note that Player First games only explained Gold would go away a week before the relaunch.

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Some commenters noted it would've been a nice gesture for the developer to convert at least some of the Gold to some currency toward unlocking new characters, while others have suggested the removal of Gold totals is to help make progression more of a grind, or nudge players toward buying characters with real money.

To Player First's credit, any characters unlocked in the beta should still be unlocked in the game, but some players have reported a bug keeping them locked. Here's hoping the team can fix it soon.

For more on the latest version of MultiVersus, be sure to check out my preview.

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