MrBeast Helps YouTuber Blow Up After Expert Guidance

MrBeast Helps YouTuber Blow Up After Expert Guidance
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Emma Hill


23rd Feb 2022 17:27

Jimmy "MrBeast" Donaldson is no stranger to big viewing figures with his videos regularly gaining tens of millions of views. So, it was no surprise that a recent tweet from the philanthropic YouTuber was celebrating yet another success on the platform, except this time it wasn't figures from one of his own YouTube channels but that of someone he had taken under his wing.

How Did MrBeast Help Out The 'Small' YouTuber?

On February 22, MrBeast took to Twitter with a couple of screenshots comparing two different line graphs. Going into a bit more detail, MrBeast stated: "I started counselling a small YouTuber for fun and here is a monthly before and after of their channel." The statistics revealed that since his coaching, his student's monthly YouTube traffic had increased from 4.6 million views to 45 million views. As an added bonus, the YouTuber's estimated revenue increased from $24,000 to $400,000. 

This isn't the first time MrBeast has helped those on the up and up. As someone who has slowly worked his way up to the top, MrBeast has always made sure to smaller YouTubers hoping to climb the content creation ladder. For instance, in December 2020, he pledged that he would do more to help small content creators, in the end, investing $2 million to give some YouTubers some much-appreciated financial support. 

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How Did Fans React To MrBeast's Tweet?

MrBeast was clearly gushing with pride over the improvement and some of his fellow streamers also shared their amazement at the difference, including Timothy "TimTheTatman" Betar and Hasan "HasanAbi" Piker. However, others hit back at the 23-year-old questioning as to whether a content creator reaching 4.6 million monthly views would count as a "small" YouTuber. For example, one fellow streamer commented: "Can someone explain why he considers a small YouTube someone that’s making 24k?" 

The "smaller" YouTuber wasn't specifically named, but it seems a sprinkle of MrBeast magic was what really helped to boost their numbers. 

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