MrBeast Is Giving Away $2million To Up-And-Coming YouTubers

MrBeast Is Giving Away $2million To Up-And-Coming YouTubers

Written by 

Mel Ramsay


25th Mar 2021 16:16

Popular YouTuber Jimmy "MrBeast" Donaldson is launching a $2 million investment fund to help smaller streamers achieve their dreams. The 22-year-old (and all-round nice guy) pledged last year that he wanted to help new creators, and he's now doing just that. 

The fund is part of an initiative by Creative Juice, of which Donaldson is an investor. The money will be given to streamers in return for a stake in their channels. 

In December 2020, he Tweeted: "I wish there was a way to invest in social media influencers! Idk anything about the stock market and I find it boring. Like when I see a channel that I think will blow up, I wish I could just like buy shares in it or something lol". He then added: "Any small youtuber want to give me 10% of your channel for like $10k to $100k? (Depends on ur size) Let’s run an experiment and see how it works lol". 

The fund is to help creators make the best possible content, and he claims that he really just wants to 'help people out'. 

Speaking to The Information regarding the announcement, he said: "We’re gonna make sure we find [creators] that actually need a giant cash inflow and aren’t just trying to go buy a Lamborghini." He added: "That’s honestly just gonna be trial and error. I’m not trying to screw anyone over. I want to make deals that are fair for both sides. Genuinely, I just want to help people out."

This comes after he recently confirmed during a stream that he'd like to head up his own League of Legends team. 

When asked by a fan, he responded: "Oh yeah, not even thinking, it’s happening. Definitely not this season or… the summer split either. But we are definitely going to have a ‘Beast Gaming’ League of Legends Team. One hundred percent". 

Explaining what's next, MrBeast added, "I definitely want one. I don’t want to say too much [about] what I have planned. But… it would just be so much fun". As for his love of LoL, Donaldson revealed he plans to turn that passion into a gaming business model. He continued: "I spend so much time watching so… I might as well watch one of my teams, you know what I mean?” 


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Image via MrBeast/YouTube

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