Japan's favourite Scarlet & Violet Pokemon is a surprise

Japan's favourite Scarlet & Violet Pokemon is a surprise
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3rd Jan 2024 10:35

And now, their watch is over. It might feel like only yesterday that we stuck on our backpacks and stepped out into Paldea for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, but already, we're setting our sights on somewhere new. Gen IX introduced us to a whole host of Pocket Monsters, and with the number officially topping 1,000, there are plenty to choose from. 

When it comes to any new Pokemon title, there's always that initial rush where we dash to pick our starter and find out what the terrific trio turns into. There was plenty of hype for Fuecoco, Quaxly, and Sprigatito, but remember, they weren't the only 'mon to bulk out our Pokedex. 

Japan's favourite Scarlet & Violet Pokemon revealed

Meowscarada Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
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There were a whopping 400 Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet, and while nearly 300 were back from previous entries, newcomers including Lechonk, Pawmi, and Smoliv were all viral sensations. It's clear some were more popular than others, but, just who were your Scarlet & Violet favourites? 

Strategy site GameWith ran a poll (via NintendoLife) on the most popular Scarlet & Violet Pokemon, with some surprising results. 152,681 gamers took part in the survey, and including newcomers and returnees alike, Meowscarada takes the crown as Gen IX's most popular Pokemon. 

The Top 20 makes for some interesting reading, and while Sprigatito's final form is in first place, the starter of Fuecoco comes in second. Gen V's Chandelure is an unusual choice in third, with the ever-popular Sylveon in fourth. The top five is rounded off by Gen IX's adorable Tinkaton.

The full list reads as follows: 

  1. Meowscarada
  2. Fuecoco
  3. Chandelure
  4. Sylveon
  5. Tinkaton
  6. Lucario
  7. Mimikyu
  8. Clodsire
  9. Gengar
  10. Gardevoir
  11. Teal Mask Ogerpon
  12. Umbreon
  13. Ceruledge
  14. Pawmi
  15. Glaceon
  16. Garchomp
  17. Sprigatito
  18. Flygon
  19. Alcremie
  20. Slither Wing

It's interesting to note that while firm favourites like Gengar and Lucario make the cut, Pikachu is MIA. Some 28 years after the sparky mouse made its debut, it seems The Pokemon Company's mascot doesn't quite have the pull it used to. 

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has one more surprise

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet ending
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Even as the sun sets on Paldea, Game Freak and The Pokemon Company have one more surprise for us. We might've already polished off The Teal Mask and The Indigo Disk DLCs, but in an increasingly rare W for the franchise, we're getting a little more bang for our buck thanks to a Scarlet & Violet epilogue

After The Indigo Disk gave us a blast from the past with a trip back to Black & White's Unova region, the epilogue is due to tie off The Hidden Treasures of Area Zero's loose ends. Although there's currently no release date, this is a last chance saloon for Scarlet & Violet to turn things around following THAT buggy 2022 launch.

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