Is Nicki Minaj coming to Twitch?

Is Nicki Minaj coming to Twitch?
Twitch - Kai Cenat | Twitter - Nicki Minaj

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Joseph Kime


8th May 2023 17:20

Twitch has too many of its own superstars to waste its time with outsiders, though their cameos remain incredibly exciting. We all remember how bizarre it was to see Drake playing Fortnite with Ninja, or Snoop Dogg set up his own Twitch channel only to get far too confused with its logistics to keep it up.

It's interesting to see such celebrities getting involved with the platform, especially as its biggest stars are just regular people who play video games for a living. And now, it looks like another major star could be coming to the medium.

Nicki Minaj teases streaming debut

In a recent stream, Kai Cenat received a string of texts from the one and only Nicki Minaj, teasing that she could be seen on a stream soon. We know Ms. Minaj is into gaming, as she appeared in that "cringe" Modern Warfare 2 trailer.

The contact seemingly came out of the blue, as Cenat lost his mind when the texts themselves came in - but it seems she's interested in getting involved with a collab on his Twitch channel. "Hi Kai, where do you shoot your show?" she asks.

"Are you in New York right now? Are things good with you and Twitch?" Bless her. This might just seem like a sweet little check-in from the outside, but after her previous comments about Kai Cenat and his channel, it looks like these texts could be alluding to a potential collab.

Nicki Minaj wants to stream with Kai Cenat

In April, Nicki Minaj expressed her interest in streaming with Cenat for the first time, indicating that she could appear on one of his streams soon.

Speaking on Queen Radio, Minaj said "I'm gonna get cute. I'm gonna dress up nice and cute and I'm gonna go on live with him. And speak to him if that's cool with him."

It seems like the bizarre and brilliant crossover stream is on the way now, and frankly, we can't wait to see it. Here's hoping Minaj shows us how cracked she is at Apex Legends.

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