GTA Online player pitches perfect DLC to end the game

GTA Online player pitches perfect DLC to end the game
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Tom Chapman


29th Mar 2023 10:28

Is the end nigh for Grand Theft Auto Online? Well, in some form, probably. The automotive adventure's online component launched just after GTA V in 2013, and over the past decade, has helped it become the most profitable entertainment product of all time.

GTA Online has evolved beyond the confines of just being a multiplier add-on to GTA V, with 2015's Heists being seen as its defining leap. In 2023, we're rightly asking what's next for GTA Online and whether a mythical GTA Online 2 is on the way.

How should GTA Online end?

We've just had the drop of the Last Dose Contract missions, and while the name might suggest we've reached the end of the highway for GTA Online, it's far from it. In fact, we're closer than ever to GTA V, with the update bringing back Dr. Isiah Friedlander

Posting on the GTA subreddit, u/AntagonistAgonist shared their perfectly crafted pitch for one final GTA Online DLC that can set the stage for what comes next. The scene opens with your character chilling at the mansion of former GTA V antagonist, Devin Weston. You get a warning that "everyone" is coming.

We get a who's who of familiar GTA faces, with The Contract's Imani saying she's crafted stealth tech to help you escape and GTA V's Franklin rallying the troops at your facility. Although being pursued by Merryweather, you have fan-favourites including Trevor Phillips and Gay Tony on your side.  

Others were loving this fictionalised account of how GTA Online could end. One cheered, "Thought this would be cringe fanfic level of bad. Pleasantly surprised! Cool concept for a final dlc," while another added, "An act with Michael, Trevor, and Franklin would be an honour."

Someone else pleaded for the return of other old favourites like Niko and CJ helping from their respective areas, with a lead into what could be a potential GTA Online and the presumed return to Vice City for GTA 6

What's next for GTA Online?

For now, it doesn't look like GTA Online is going anywhere. With each update, players comb through every inch of Los Santos, looking for a hint of what's to come in GTA 6. The leaks (unsurprisingly) teased a Vice City setting, with everyone imagining GTA Online will have to head there too.

We've already seen another major franchise move with the times, as the original Call of Duty: Warzone made way for Warzone 2. It remains to be seen whether Rockstar will follow suit, as it might not be as simple as just giving us an update to bring GTAO inline with GTA 6.

There have been reports of GTA Online 2, but with it likely seeing players lose a decade of cars and progress, there are obvious critics. Then again, you can't keep a game running forever. If anyone at Rockstar is reading, take note of AntagonistAgonist's idea for a GTAO DLC that goes out with a bang. 

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