Multiple Cities Reportedly Coming To GTA 6

Multiple Cities Reportedly Coming To GTA 6
Rockstar Games

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Tom Chapman


6th Apr 2022 13:52

Prepare for a whole new Los Santos when Grand Theft Auto 6 (eventually) arrives. It's already been nine years and counting since we stepped out into GTA V, and with it being the most profitable entertainment product of all time, all eyes are on what comes next.

Although Rockstar has finally announced GTA 6, we're currently adrift in a sea of rumours that suggest everything from a female protagonist to a Vice City sequel. A recurring idea is that we'll have a massive map with multiple locations, which has just been backed up by a trusted GTA insider. 

Will GTA 6 Visit Multiple Cities?

Recently, there's been a run of leaks from Matheusvictorbr, who's claimed GTA Online is getting a GTA IV expansion and there will be a brother and sister duo as the protagonists of GTA 6. This time, the scoop suggests there will be multiple cities making up the main hub of GTA 6

Posting on Twitter, Matheusvictorbr has suggested we will return to the fan-favourites of Carcer City and Vice City. Given Carcer City's proximity to Liberty City, it's easy to imagine this will also be thrown into the mix. These fictionalised versions of Miami and New York were the central locales for 2002's GTA: Vice City and 2008's GTA IV, while Carcer City was the setting for Rockstar's Manhunt

Both Vice City and GTA IV left plenty of room to continue the story, with protagonists Tommy Vercetti and Niko Bellic making it out of their adventures alive. We've long-hoped for a modern-day Vice City that could catch up with a much older Tommy after he's retired from his '80s life of crime. 

Will GTA 6 Take Us Further Afield?

It's also interesting to note Matheusvictorbr suggests Cuba could be a key locale in GTA 6. The infamous Project Americas leak claimed we'd be visiting a GTA version of Rio de Janeiro, but this also isn't the first time we've heard about Cuba. Bear in mind, the OP says "among others" - suggesting this is the tip of the iceberg. Rockstar previously threw around the idea of connecting multiple cities via a hub map, and if any title can do it, it's GTA 6

All of the above needs to be taken with a small mountain of salt, however, a job posting last year already gave a hint of at least some form of international location in GTA 6. There have been repeated talks about international drug lords or multiple continents that would fit with the notion of a Cuba-inspired city. Whether it's the return of some familiar haunts or players jetting off to somewhere completely new, you can bet GTA 6 will have the biggest map yet.


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