God Of War Ragnarok Collector's Edition Is Missing The Game

God Of War Ragnarok Collector's Edition Is Missing The Game
Images via Sony Santa Monica

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Tom Chapman


11th Nov 2022 16:17

We're not experts on this, but we imagine if you buy a game, you should probably expect the actual game to be inside. Sadly, some of you are angrier than Kratos himself because the pricey God of War Ragnarok Collector's Edition is shipping without an actual copy of the game. 

With Sony Santa Monica wrapping up warm for God of War Ragnarok, the Ghost of Sparta is picking up the Leviathan Axe once again and trying to hack away at Elden Ring as 2022's biggest game. Although Ragnarok is already topping the charts as everyone jumps into Midgard, not everyone is able to play.

Why Is God Of War Ragnarok Shipping Without The Game?

While most of us settled for the standard edition of the game (either digital or physical), those willing to splash the cash could try and get their hands on the Collector's or Jotnar editions. Although they came with a Thor-inspired beefier price tag, there's also a whole host of collectables. Namely, who didn't want to get their hands on a replica copy of Mjolnir?

The Collector's Edition comes in at £180/$200, and with that, you'd expect a copy of the game - well, you were promised one. There were already grumbles that these versions didn't come with a physical copy of the game, meaning you don't get a fancy disc to sit alongside your hammer. Worse than this, there are reports some are missing the digital download code too.

According to Forbes, the already empty steelbook display case is even more empty than we first thought. Worse than this, Sony "has not been terribly helpful" in trying to rectify the problem. On Twitter, there are multiple accounts of the Collector's Edition box coming with a steelbook-shaped hole in the middle. First God of War Ragnarok released early... now this.

Will Sony Fix The God Of War Ragnarok Mistake?

Although it's possible some people are making this up just for the clout, the number of reports suggest this isn't just an isolated incident. It's likely that someone packing up the Collector's Edition boxes simply forgot to include the steelbook. That still doesn't help those who were expecting to be already besting the Norse gods as Kratos. 

Other cases claim that while the steelbook is there, there's still no digital download code. Now, there are fears from those still waiting for their Collector's Edition that it will arrive without the ability to play the AAA title. There's currently a whole Twitter account dedicated to the problem where you can look for help. With Ragnarok spoilers everywhere and people already uploading the final battle to YouTube, it looks like Sony has put the myth in mythology regarding some Collector's Edition codes.

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