Ghost of Tsushima Adds Horizon Forbidden West Crossover

Ghost of Tsushima Adds Horizon Forbidden West Crossover
Images: Guerrilla Games | Sucker Punch

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Joseph Kime


9th Feb 2022 13:14

You might expect Ghost of Tsushima to be completely done by this stage. It's perfectly reasonable an assumption, to be fair - with a live-action movie in the works and a Director's Cut that collates the game's main story with extra DLC to offer the perfect experience across Tsushima, a certain finality has been implied about the game's presence in gaming. We'll definitely welcome a sequel if it materialises, but until then, you'd think that Ghost of Tsushima would have packed it up.

But, it turns out this isn't the case, as a new piece of crossover content has been added to the game in a recent update that will let players bag themselves some new cosmetics in reference to another PlayStation exclusive title.

Ghost of Tsushima Adds Horizon Forbidden West Crossover

Ghost of Tsushima hasn't had enough when it comes to extra content, as it has been revealed that a new crossover has landed in the game with the latest update.

The Director's Cut has just been given a brand new quest, in which players need to venture North of Iki Island and beat a puzzle - and in return, they'll earn new surprises inspired by the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West.

The news was announced in a tweet from developers Sucker Punch - "We are so excited for Horizon Forbidden West from our friends at Guerrilla!" it reads.

"While we wait, today we've released a new patch for Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut that repairs a Wind Shrine to the north of Iki Island. Solve the puzzle there to earn an Aloy-inspired surprise…"

What Do You Earn From The New Crossover Quest?

Though the tweet may have thought itself cryptic, it actually revealed the quest's secrets in the attached image. Whoops.

It looks as though the items that can be earned from seeking out the wind shrine are a full outfit, as Jin is seen in the image wearing a new headband and jacket that may as well have been plucked from Horizon's Aloy herself.

The cosmetics look fantastic, and the outfit is a great reward for fans of both franchises. Now all we need is a Ghost of Tsushima outfit in Forbidden West, and we'll come full circle.


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