Streamer Left Mortified After Hearing Message From Her Past Self

Streamer Left Mortified After Hearing Message From Her Past Self
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Emma Hill


29th Nov 2021 15:35

The past can certainly come back to bite us, and that was sadly the case for streamer Leslie "Fuslie" Fu. During a live stream on Twitch, the Grand Theft Auto V player received a birthday message from her past self which left her 'cringing'.   

2021 has been a huge year for Fuslie. Not only did she and her followers raise $55,730 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, but she joined 100 Thieves, along with fellow Streamer TinaKitten. Fuslie was also due to marry her partner, former OfflineTV manager, Edison Park. Then, in September 2021, Fuslie announced that the couple had broken up after dating for over five years. 

However, Fuslie has continued to work hard to keep her fans entertained with fresh content. It was while doing a live stream on her birthday that she came across a cute message from her past which wished her a happy year. Although, there was one particular comment which left future Fuslie feeling a little mortified. 

What Did Fuslie Say To Her Future Self?

After streaming her playthrough of games, such as GTA, Fuslie received a notification about a video that she had made for herself 12 months previously. Fuslie was curious to find out more but was, also, fairly hesitant as she said: "Oh God, I feel like I know what it's going to say." In the wholesome video, 2020 Fuslie excitedly wished her future self a happy 29th birthday and all the best for the year ahead: "I am 28, you are 29. By the time you are seeing this, so much is gonna happen that I don’t know about." Then, past Fuslie went on to make a comment which left her future self very flustered.

In the old clip, Fuslie said: "But one thing that I do know is that you are married. That is crazy. You are married, congrats, queen! How was the wedding, 'cause I was really anxious about it and like, it’s a year out." Not knowing, of course, that the couple would later break up. Fuslie paused the video to laugh and begged her past self to "stop". 

How Did Fuslie React To The Video From Her Past Self?

It's safe to say the old clip left Fuslie feeling a little flustered, especially with the frequent questions and references to her wedding. Although, Fuslie continued to watch the inspirational message from her past self and ended up having an incredibly wholesome conversation. 2021 Fuslie went on to update her former self with a whole load of new information about various topics, including the situation with COVID-19 and the election of US President Joe Biden.

2020 Fuslie, also, asked how things were going with Cyberpunk 2077. While the streamer didn't say anything about the game, no doubt her past self would have been happy to hear that she could now get Cyberpunk for less than $10. Not to mention, she could have the chance to come across the golden-eyed Witcher himself, Geralt of Rivia in Night City. 

Fuslie may have cringed through the majority of her past self's video, but she shared that she was glad that she decided to watch the video. Keeping up with tradition, she went on to create a video with a life-affirming birthday message to her future 30-year-old self: "I am proud of you[...] goodbye, have a happy birthday, hope that you're living your best life. I love you."


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