Here is a comprehensive guide for choosing the best weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5.

18:00, 15 Dec 2020

Fortnite Battle Royale has one of the most dynamic weapons pool in the world. It keeps on updating with each passing season, refreshing the gameplay for the players. The game has a unique vaulting system which adds and removes weapons before the start of the seasons. By the use of this feature, developers keep a check on the status and usage of all the weapons in Fortnite and buffs/nerfs weapons accordingly. In the past, developers have also allowed the community to add certain weapons in the game as per their wishes.

Some of these weapon changes are game-changing and force the players to adapt to a different meta in Fortnite. Unlike the traditional battle royale games, Fortnite has a building mechanic in it which makes it harder to rank weapons just by their ability to obliterate enemies in the matches. Players also need to use the weapons wisely in perfect scenarios to get the best out of them. 

That being said, Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 5 has witnessed some big changes by taking out fan-favourite weapons like the SCAR and Pump Shotgun from the game. The rankings of this Fortnite weapons tier list are based on usability, damage, DPS body and headshot, ammo capacity, rarities, and more. 

Fortnite Weapons Tier List

Fortnite Weapons Tier List - S TIER 

Dragon's Breath (Shotgun)

This weapon has been sitting inside the game's files for quite some time, and was finally revealed with the commencement of Season 5. With no Pump Shotguns, Dragon's Breath has been a solid shotgun, to say the least. The weapon has a magazine size of four shotgun shells, and it is available in Epic and Legendary variants. It has a damage of 160 with the highest rarity, and it has the ability to one-shot enemies in close encounters. Moreover, this shotgun also sets builds on fire upon shooting it. Therefore, it can force enemies to leave their boxes and prevent them from healing during fights.

Amban Sniper Rifle (Mythic weapon)

The Amban Sniper Rifle is a mythic weapon. It can be only obtained by eliminating the Mandalorian boss in the game. This sniper rifle is unique as it has a thermal scope which can help players to spot players even when they are behind a wall. Moreover, the scope has a distance meter at the side which helps players to better control bullet drop after shooting. This weapon has a damage of 110, which can increase significantly on headshots. It needs to be reloaded after every shot like a Bolt-action sniper rifle.


Shadow Tracker (Exotic weapon)

Shadow Tracker is arguably the best Exotic weapon in the game. It can be obtained by trading gold bars with Reese NPC in Dirty Docks. It is a semi-automatic pistol which has a fast firing rate coupled with the damage of 29 per shot. The main functionality of this weapon is that it marks enemies if the players hits one bullet, and shows their locations to teammates. It provides valuable intel which can be used to plan flanks on the enemy.

Fortnite Weapons Tier List

Fortnite Weapons Tier List - A TIER 

Heavy Assault Rifle


The Heavy Assault Rifle made its way to the game this season, and it hasn't been the perfect replacement for the SCAR. The weapon is suited for medium to long-range combat, and it has the damage of 41 at the highest rarity with a clip size of 25. It is available in all the rarities starting from common to legendary. Its accuracy over long-range decreases, and the low fire rate isn't ideal for spraying. However, the weapon can be best used when tapped with precision, and it can tear through the enemies with its raw damage.

Tactical Shotgun


The Tactical shotguns are the go-to shotguns for Fortnite players after the vaulting of the Pump Shotguns. It is available in all the rarities starting from common to legendary. It comes with blistering damage of 88 at the highest rarity, and it has a prolonged rate of fire. However, the magazine size of eight helps the weapon to recover itself for any missed shots during the combat.

Bolt Action Sniper

The Bolt-action Sniper is a highly rewarding one-shot sniper rifle. It is available in three rarities: rare, epic, and legendary. The weapon has solid damage of 116 at the highest rarity, and it has the ability to destroy enemy walls in one shot as well. Moreover, it has a low reload speed, therefore, landing the shots with this Sniper is of utmost importance.

P90 (SMG)

The P90 is the strongest sub-machine gun in the game which is available in two rarities: rare and legendary. It has a damage of 21 with an insanely high fire rate of 13. With the help of a huge magazine size of 35, it melts enemy structures and helps the player to spray and pray at close range encounters in Fortnite.

Fortnite Weapons Tier List

Fortnite Weapons Tier List - B TIER 

Charge Shotgun


The Charge Shotgun dishes out massive damage, and it should be one of the best shotguns in the game. The weapon comes in four rarities: uncommon, rare, epic and legendary. Even after the recent buffs to the weapon, the community doesn't like using this weapon in their matches. The weapon needs to be charged before the player deals a high amount of damage; therefore, many players tend to use it badly. Professional players have been using this weapon wisely, which has led many old players to try this weapon in their matches.

Sub-machine gun

The classic submachine gun is available in three rarities, and it is a worse version of the P90. It has decent damage with a high fire rate which makes a viable choice for many new players.

The Dub (Exotic Weapon)


The Dub was added this season, and it is a double-barrel shotgun with the knockback ability of Flint-Knock Pistol. It deals with a good amount of damage and pushes the player backward after using it. It can be used when the players have ample of long-range weapons at their disposal and deal damage quickly after making space between them and the enemy in Fortnite.

The Storm Scout (Exotic Weapon)

The Storm Scout is arguably the worst sniper rifle in the game as it only deals 85 damage per shot. However, the weapon compensates for this by allowing players to see where the next safe zone is on the map. It provides great intel to the squads and could be used to strategise the movements in competitive matches.

Assault Rifles


The sharp Assault rifles are impeccably consistent and truly a great weapon. It doesn't deal a whole lot of damage; however, the precision that it provides to the players is invaluable. They are available till the rare rarity only, therefore, the absence of the SCAR makes them seem decent in the game.


Tactical Assault Rifles

The Tactical Assault rifles have a meagre damage per bullet, but they compensate that by being accurate like the assault rifles. However, they shouldn't be used against the likes of Assault Rifles in the game.

Fortnite Weapons Tier List

Fortnite Weapons Tier List - C TIER 

Boom Sniper Rifle (Exotic Weapon)

The Boom Sniper Rifle is just awful, and deals very less damage compared to all the snipers in the game. However, the gun has a unique ability which helps players to shoot clingers at the enemies. These clingers attach to the enemy and explode after a slight duration. This weapon shines in squads as most players are close to their teammates, and the weapon can deal damage to everyone in the enemy squad.

Night Hawk (Exotic Weapon)


The Night Hawk is a semi-automatic pistol which has a thermal vision attached to it. Therefore, it could be a great weapon to scout areas and deal little damage to enemies.


The Pistols in the highest rarity are a decent choice to use at the start of the matches. The weapon's rate of fire should catch the enemies off-guard and net the player some early kills.

Fortnite Weapons Tier List

Fortnite Weapons Tier List - D TIER 

Suppressed SMG


The Suppressed SMG is a terrible weapon, and it only deals damage of 22 at close range. Overall, it is a spray gun, and it is worse than all the sub-machine alternatives in the game. Players should only pick this weapon up at the start of the matches and replace them as soon as possible.

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