How to get the Hand Cannon in Fortnite & is it any good?

How to get the Hand Cannon in Fortnite & is it any good?
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Morgan Truder


26th Mar 2024 17:10

The Hand Cannon has returned to Fortnite as part of the most recent update, and it's accompanied by a new weekly challenge that can only be completed with the powerful weapon.

The Hand Cannon uses Heavy Ammo (the same ammo as the sniper) with a magazine size of seven and a slow reload speed but your goal here is to use few shots and be incredibly accurate in-game.

How to get the Hand Cannon

The Hand Cannon is only available in Rare, Epic and Legendary variants - meaning it isn’t the easiest weapon to find. Fortunately, you can find it by exploring organically and looting as you normally would. The issue is it has quite a low drop rate, over three games I only found one once and it was Rare.

Your chances of finding it will be increased when opening Rare Chests, opening Supply Drops, or by searching the Weapon Bunkers once they open up. 

Is the Hand Cannon worth using? 

Hand Cannon in Fortnite
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The Hand Cannon has been in and out of the game for a while, and although it has its use cases you’re still going to be better off with alternatives. To excel with this weapon, you will need to be uber-accurate, not missing any shots - only then will you have a chance.

It does do a lot of damage on structures though, so if you play in the standard Battle Royale mode you can gain an easy advantage by knocking down walls quickly. 

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