How to get Earthbending, Firebending & Airbending Mythics in Fortnite

How to get Earthbending, Firebending & Airbending Mythics in Fortnite
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12th Apr 2024 15:36

Three new Mythics have arrived in Fortnite as part of the Avatar collaboration, meaning you can now add Earthbending, Firebending, and Airbending to your loadout!

We've already been able to try out Waterbending thanks to Korra's appearance in the Battle Pass, but the loot pool is about to get even bigger with more bending techniques from the beloved animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender arriving in the game.

How to get Earthbending, Firebending, and Airbending

The best way to get hold of the new Mythic bending techniques is to visit the new Avatar Shrines that have popped up around the Island and open the Bending Scroll Containers that you'll find inside of them.

Each one of these Bending Scroll Containers will contain one of the four bending techniques, and when you open them you'll get two copies of that Mythic to add to your loadout - or you can share one with a friend.

You can see the Avatar Shrine locations where you can pick up each bending Mythic on the map below:

Mythic Bending locations in Fortnite
Click to enlarge

There are four other Shrines on the map, so I'll add details of what Mythic bending technique they give you once I've had a chance to explore them.

Earthbending location

You can pick up the Earthbending technique by visiting Toph's Shrine west of Pleasant Piazza.

This Mythic lets you fire giant rocks at your opponents with the 'shoot' button' or put up a wall of rock in front of you with the 'aim' button, which is going to come in very handy in Zero Build mode...

The Earthbending Mythic in Fortnite
Click to enlarge

Firebending location

You can pick up the Firebending technique by visiting Zuko's Shrine north of Rebels' Roost.

With this Mythic weapon, you can shoot waves of fire at your opponents with the 'shoot' button or jump into the air and slam the ground with the 'aim' button to unleash some AoE damage on anyone nearby.

Ariana Grande killing Zuko with the Firebending Mythic in Fortnite
Click to enlarge

Airbending location

You can pick up the Airbending technique by visiting Aang's Shrine north of Grand Glacier.

This Mythic item is more like a vehicle than a weapon, as you can use it to surf around the Island or jump high into the air in a mini tornado. I imagine it'll be good to keep in your loadout for a quick escape.

The Airbending Mythic in Fortnite
Click to enlarge

Waterbending location

Finally, you can pick up the Waterbending technique by visiting Katara's Shrine south of Grand Glacier.

With this Mythic weapon, you can shoot icy projectiles at your opponents, which I'm a big fan of when I don't have a sniper at hand. You can also heal yourself when you're in the water and you have this Mythic.

Waterbending Mythic in Fortnite
Click to enlarge

All four of the Avatar bending techniques can also be found inside Chests and as floor loot around the Fortnite map, but remember that these are classed as Mythic weapons so they won't spawn very often!

You're much better off landing at one of the Shrines mentioned above at the beginning of a match to get your hands on these new Mythics - they're guaranteed to be popular. My favourite is the Firebending technique.

You'll be able to find these Mythics in Fortnite until May 3, 2024. Also, to make room for these new weapons, Epic Games has vaulted the Thunderbolt of Zeus, the Wings of Icarus, and the Chains of Hades.

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