What's included in the Elements Pass & how to unlock the Aang Skin in Fortnite

What's included in the Elements Pass & how to unlock the Aang Skin in Fortnite
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12th Apr 2024 15:19

The crew of Korra, Toph, Zuko, and Katara are in Fortnite already, but now comes even more new cosmetics, courtesy of the brand-new Elements Event Pass. This Mini-Pass for Fortnite features all sorts of desirable Avatar: The Last Airbender-themed items, including the star of the series himself, Aang.

Let's review how exactly to get and progress the game's latest Mini-Pass and how to unlock all the best rewards, such as the Aang Skin.

How to get the Avatar: Elements Event Pass

The Elements Event Pass kicks off in Fortnite on April 12, 2024, and runs until May 3, 2024. The Mini-Pass is viewable in-game inside of a limited-time tab.

The Elements Event Pass consists of a variety of Avatar: The Last Airbender-themed goodies, many of which you can unlock for free, but it also features a Premium Reward Track available for 1,000 V-Bucks. With the Premium Reward Track, your progress in the event will net you even more rewards, including the in-demand Aang Outfit.

What's included in the Elements Pass & how to unlock the Aang Skin

The Elements Event Pass in Fortnite
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Here are all the rewards available in the Free and Premium Reward Tracks for the Elements Event Pass:

Free Reward Track

Chi Reward
1,000 Elemental Cycle Spray
2,000 Four Elements Banner Back Bling
3,000 Level Up Token
4,000 The Four Elements Loading Screen
5,000 Level Up Token
6,000 Dramyin Guitar
7,000 Level Up Token
8,000 My Cabbages! Emote
9,000 Laughing Toph Emoticon
10,000 Level Up Token
11,000 Sokka's Space Sword Pickaxe

Premium Reward Track

Chi Reward
1,000 Baffled Aang Emoticon
2,000 Aang Banner Icon
3,000 Level Up Token
4,000 Aang's Air Sphere Emote
5,000 Level Up Token
6,000 Momo Messenger Back Bling
7,000 Level Up Token
8,000 Avatar Aang Spray
9,000 Air Nomad Staff Pickaxe
10,000 Level Up Token
11,000 Avatar State Aang Style and Avatar State Aang LEGO Style for the Aang Outfit

To progress in the Free and Premium Reward Tracks and unlock all the Avatar: The Last Airbender cosmetics, you must earn Chi by completing Elements Quests. These challenges require you to harness the power of the elements and open your Chakras. Alternatively, if you have the V-Bucks to spare, you can purchase the contents of the Elements Pass outright after you buy the Reward Track Upgrade, and they may appear later in the Item Shop.

The default Aang Skin and Appa Glider, however, are not tied to Chi. Instead, the Aang Outfit is automatically unlocked when you purchase the Premium Reward Track. And to get the Appa Glider, you must collect all six Chakras!

That's the basics of the Elements Pass in Fortnite. Purchase the Avatar: The Last Airbender Mini-Pass starting April 12, 2024. Complete Elements Quests to earn Chi and work your way through the Mini-Pass to earn over 25 unique rewards, like the Appa Glider and the Aang Outfit!

Get ready to wield the brand-new bending arts as the characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender. For more Fortnite news and guides, like where to find all the NPCs on the Island, check out our Fortnite homepage at GGRecon!

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