FaZe Clan Collab With Disney To Make 'Mickey on the Grid'

FaZe Clan Collab With Disney To Make 'Mickey on the Grid'
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Jack Marsh


24th May 2022 16:26

"Mickey was simply a little personality assigned to the purposes of laughter," are the famous words of Walt Disney, who grew to love the infamous character more than "any woman I've ever known". But not even Walt could have ever imagined that the big-eared phenomenon would go on to be the world's most iconic cartoon character when he first sketched his face on a long train journey to Hollywood. But, Mickey Mouse is gargantuan and has since collaborated in many industries, including a most-recent venture into gaming.

Disney and esports moguls FaZe Clan have officially announced a partnership that will see the two collaborate on a range of apparel products, as they introduce the world to "Mickey on the Grid". As part of the collab, Mickey will turn tech-vamped, taking his iconic white face and red dungarees and dipping them in a neon-green x-ray. 

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Together, Disney and FaZe Clan have revealed a year-long partnership that will start on May 30 to celebrate FaZe's 12th anniversary, for the wider public, albeit pop-up stores in LA will be coming on May 28 to give locals a chance to snap up the apparel early.

Created by FaZe Clan Lead Designer, James Casper Vine, and Creative Director, Jay "JVY" Richardson, in collaboration with the Disney creative team, the merchandise will see T-shirts, jumpers, and hats be rolled out in this ambitious crossover, where the products will also have glow-in-the-dark embroidery and twill appliqué patches.


While it's unlikely that we'll see Mickey running around with the FaZe Clan streamers, such as they did in the Batman comics of late, the collaboration is set to last for an entire year where even more possibilities could come into fruition. More "capsules" will be coming in the future, containing even more FaZe x Disney drops. 

"We are beyond proud to collaborate with Disney on this special ‘Mickey On The Grid’ capsule collection," said Richardson. "This year-long collaboration is a part of our ongoing expansion into retail and consumer products. Myself and the product team at FaZe are honoured Disney trusted us to take a creative and modern approach to such an iconic character as Mickey Mouse, and we are excited to continue developing innovative concepts that will bring Disney’s beloved characters to life through the shoppable product."

The Disney collaboration comes as one of many that FaZe Clan have rolled out in the last year, as they continue to branch out from gaming into mainstream avenues, as OpTic Gaming, DC and Batman, Snoop Dogg, and the NFL, have all joined forces with the esports organisation, permanently or as a one-off, within the last 12 months.


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