Fans Are Already Playing Battlefield Mobile

Fans Are Already Playing Battlefield Mobile

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Joseph Kime


14th Nov 2022 10:03

Battlefield desperately needs a win. The shooter series has had a mare over the last year or so, with Battlefield 2042 being such a catastrophe that excited fans demanded refunds, stopped playing entirely, and defected to classic games in the Battlefield series to get their hyper-realistic FPS fix.

It has been agonising to watch as EA and DICE try to rope players back with updates, announcements of free-to-play weekends, and even the reveal that the game will be coming to the Game Pass, but it hasn't done much.

EA is hoping that the upcoming Battlefield Mobile - a play to move on the ever-growing mobile FPS communities - will be what puts them back on top, even despite some strong competition. Now that we've seen the game itself and that players are inside, that comeback appears all the more possible.

What's Going On With Battlefield Mobile?

The beta for Battlefield Mobile is finally available in some areas of the world. Players are climbing over each other to get a look at the new title and put it in their crosshairs.

Fans on Android in the Phillippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore finally got to give the game's early beta build a spin this week. If you can't wait, pre-registration for the final product is also rolling out elsewhere.

As a result of the beta, we actually have a pretty good look at the game from the perspective of players on YouTube, with the mobile title appearing to be a pretty faithful adaptation of the series' most notable features. The only difference is it's got a slightly slower pace and delivers a touch-friendly environment.

When Is Battlefield Mobile Launching?

Though some players are finally in the beta, it's likely to be some time before Battlefield Mobile lands on our shores. But then again, we haven't had any promises. Back in May, EA CEO Andrew Wilson took to an earning call for the company and revealed that the game could be coming as early as "late this year" or at some point shortly after the turn of 2023.

Whenever Battlefield Mobile actually arrives, it should be an interesting addition to the world of Battlefield, a shooter that has truly suffered in the last year. It remains to be seen if it can match the successes of Call of Duty Mobile, but watch this space. Will it save the franchise entirely? Probably not, but one thing's for sure - EA will take any wins it can find.

Joseph Kime
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