Battlefield Mobile: Screenshots & Everything We Know

Battlefield Mobile: Screenshots & Everything We Know
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1st Feb 2023 12:51

Battlefield Mobile was to be the next game coming to the Battlefield franchise. Battlefield Mobile was known to be in the works for a while, but unfortunately, it was cancelled before it properly got out the door. The cancellation news came alongside news that Apex Legends Mobile was also being shut down, bringing a seeming end to EA's mobile gaming push. For posterity, here is everything we knew about Battlefield Mobile.

Battlefield Mobile Beta And Google Play Store Listing

Battlefield Mobile beta
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Kicking things off is the Battlefield Mobile Google Play Store listing which, unfortunately, isn't available to download. There was a beta planned, but play testing was only made available in a handful of regions. These playtest would then extend to other regions gradually, adding more and more players to the beta.

Was There A Battlefield Mobile Release Date? Free-To-Play Details

Battlefield mobile release date
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So, when was the Battlefield Mobile release date meant to be? A date was never revealed, nor was any release plan made public. The furthest the game got was to play testing, which was happening up until the game's cancellation. As such, we can at least say that there was a playable version of the game out there before it was axed.

Battlefield Mobile was to be a free-to-play game, as many mobile games are. Monetisation would come through battle passes and cosmetic items.

Battlefield Mobile Maps And Modes

Battlefield Mobile beta game modes
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We did get some info regarding the content of the game, but it was limited to what was available in the playtests. The only available mode you could play was the classic Conquest mode, with more modes likely to be added in the future. The only known map was Bazaar, a fan favourite from Battlefield 3.

You can read more about the Battlefield Mobile beta playtest and what the intentions for the game were on the official EA FAQ page

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