2016's Battlefield 1 Is Somehow Topping Steam Right Now

2016's Battlefield 1 Is Somehow Topping Steam Right Now

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Joseph Kime


7th Nov 2022 11:06

The hierarchy of Battlefield games is a little bit wonky, all things considered. Battlefield 2042 truly did have the potential to be one of the grandest and most dramatic impacts that the FPS genre had ever seen.

Well, that's it wasn't a buggy, broken, and unfinished mess of a game. Fans of the series haven't really known what to do with themselves ever since, with EA trying to usher them into 2042 as fans try to find a new home. And it looks like they've found one - and it's really popping off right now.

Why is Battlefield 1 Dominating Steam?

2016's Battlefield 1 Is Somehow Topping Steam Right Now
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As Battlefield fans can't seem to make up their mind as to which game to converge on, they're pretty malleable to sales despite this, as the recent sale of Battlefield 1 has made it the place to be for FPS fans.

The current sale on Steam has the World War One shooter listed at only $4.79/£4.19 - sending fans reeling and flocking to the game.

The 88% off sale has pushed the game to an incredible peak considering its age, reaching a soaring height of 51,950 players recorded by steamdb.info yesterday. Worrying, it's almost ten times the player count of Battlefield 2042. Not bad for a game that came out six years ago. Yikes.

EA Won't Give Up On Battlefield 2042

At this point, it's clear as day that players have no intention of returning to Battlefield 2042, or at least until it finally goes free-to-play as has been heavily rumoured for many months now - but EA remains persistent. The Battlefield Twitter account remains dedicated to promoting Battlefield 2042 and its ongoing updates. But they know people aren't interested. It's a bit sad, really.

Though there will be legal hoops to jump through, going free-to-play might be the last thing that could save Battlefield 2042. Either way, if its predecessor is absolutely toppling it in numbers, then it definitely needs to do something.

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