A new Battlefield 2042 season is coming in 2024

A new Battlefield 2042 season is coming in 2024
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Megan Cooke


16th Dec 2023 00:30

Since the release of Season 6 of Battlefield 2042 in October, it was largely expected that we had seen the end of new content for Battlefield 2042.

Against all odds, a seventh season of the game has been confirmed to be arriving in 2024, outlasting the typical two-year cycle of Battlefield games.

Battlefield 2042 devs have confirmed Season 7 is coming

Battlefield 2042 developer, DICE, has confirmed that a seventh season of the first-person shooter will be coming in March 2024. 

While it is exciting that Battlefield 2024 is getting new content beyond its usual life span, the most surprising part is the amount of new things still to come.

According to DICE, Season 7 will bring a lot of content, stating: “It’ll be a massive Season packed with a whole load of fresh content…including maps!”

Players have reacted positively to the news of new maps arriving, though several have expressed disappointment that there are no announced plans to add content until March.

One player wrote: "Very nice! What's happening in between though?"

Another said: "Uhhhh…. yeah so here’s the thing right….. March? What is happening between the end of S6 and S7?"

Battlefield 2024 has outlasted the usual lifespan of Battlefield games

While it may be a long time between Season 6 and 7, the introduction of Season 7 at all is surprising as many players expected season 5 to be the last update to the game.

The success of Battlefield 2042 is likely a large driving force towards what has caused the game to continue being updated.

While Battlefield 2042 received mixed reviews, it went on to beat its own all-time concurrent players record in October this year.

Given the scope of what has been hinted at in the announcement tweet, it will be exciting to see what DICE bring to Battlefield 2042 in the new year.

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