‘Forget Battlefield, play BattleBit’: players slam EA’s new Battlefield announcement

‘Forget Battlefield, play BattleBit’: players slam EA’s new Battlefield announcement
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3rd Aug 2023 13:30

Things aren't looking great for Battlefield right now. Sadly, you could say the same thing this time last year, and it would still be accurate.

DICE's supposed magnum opus of Battlefield 2042 flopped on all fronts, and as the title updated itself to fix its bugs and introduced new content, it was met with such rage and fervour that fans simply don't trust the devs to have fixed it anymore.

Battlefield 2042 has spotting players, but for the most part, it's a ghost town on the servers. Keen to put the past behind it, EA has unveiled its plans for the future of Battlefield. But as a new announcement comes to life, fans remain unconvinced.

New Battlefield will be a 'reimagination'

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It seems like whenever devs are met with the cold shoulder from fans, their first move is to start over with a fresh lick of paint and a reboot of a franchise. Battlefield is the gaming industry's latest to gear up for this, and fans are about as underwhelmed as you could expect of them right now.

Reporting from EA's Q1 2024 Earnings Conference Call from August 1, EA CEO Andrew Wilson claimed that the next title in the Battlefield franchise is planning to be "a reimagination of Battlefield as a truly connected ecosystem."

This is a bold claim that Assassin's Creed has also made in the past, and as it's hard to take this at face value, fans have chosen not to. This is such a big suggestion after the failures of Battlefield 2042, many simply aren't buying that the once-lauded Call of Duty rival can pull it back.

Players resist Battlefield's claims of a 'connected ecosystem




Though it could seem like muddled jargon to anyone else, players reckon they know exactly what Battlefield is going for here, and they don't want it. "If 2042 was their idea of love, I would not like to see what they do with something they hate," reads one comment on a post illuminating the statement.

"IT'S OVER, LET IT DIE, FIND SOME OTHER GAMES TO CARE ABOUT," says another impassioned user, while a third raged, "Just. Make. A f*****g. Normal. Battlefield game. Don't reinvent the wheel. This is very simple. Go back to basics and stay there." There's also a lot of love for BattleBit Remastered.

When someone wrote, "Forget Battlefield, play Battlebit," another added, "Battlebit is the return of the king. It’s such a great experience for what it is." One thing is immediately clear - it's going to take a lot more than a base-level reimagining of Battlefield to bring players back. EA is going to need a goddamn army.

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