Battlefield 2042 Season 6 makes you fight naked robots

Battlefield 2042 Season 6 makes you fight naked robots
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Jack Marsh


27th Oct 2023 16:15

Although Battlefield 2042 is renowned for its gunplay and realism, that's all changed heading into Season 6. in a bizarre movie, it looks like enemies are laying down their weapons in the hope of some sword fights instead.

Heading into Season 6, Electronic Arts announced the spooky Dark Protocol-themed event, which is taking the series down quite a strange path. The new season is set to renew interest in Battlefield 2042 thanks to some much-needed love.

EA adds naked Zombies to Battlefield 2042

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Despite EA preparing to pull the plug on multiple Battlefield games, 2042 is beginning to be quite a strong title years after launch. Season 6 will see some more muscle added, as there will be more gluteus maximus than you could ever wish for or need.

Season 6 is introducing a new game mode called Killswitch, which is designed to play on 12v12 maps like Redacted and Spearhead. Here, players will be deployed to take over and capture AOS Nodes and Forges, which can then be used to create Geists.

These 3D-printed 'zombies' will sport nothing apart from their shiny birthday suits and will charge at the enemy teams, all-flesh-blazing, in a bid to bludgeon them down and drive them back.

What are the naked robots in Battlefield 2042?

DICE claims that these men are actually synthetic AI, rather than canonical zombies or 'robots,' and were made in an artificial intelligence lab. The developers also add that the Geists are "programmed to kill", meaning they will hold nothing back when they come charging down the strips of the map.

From what we've seen in the trailer, they seem incredibly bulletproof, as in one instance, a crawling character places multiple pistol shots into a Geists' sternum, only for it to walk off unharmed.

Maybe they have a weakness, but it won't be between the legs either, if that's what you were thinking. There's nothing but action-man-like skin going on. Presumably, a rocket or bullets to the glowing-blue eyes will be your best bet of taking them down, if you even dare taking them on in the first place.

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