EA prepares to pull the plug on multiple Battlefield games

EA prepares to pull the plug on multiple Battlefield games
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Joseph Kime


5th Oct 2023 14:50

It's time to admit that for the last year or so, Battlefield has been a little worse for wear in the eyes of the players. The launch of Battlefield 2042 was a bit of a disaster, with developers fighting for their lives to make the game playable and trying to get players to see it.

For the most part, it hasn't worked, with the supposed Call of Duty rival largely vanishing into obscurity. A DLC couldn't save the 2021 shooter, as more people were playing Battlefield V

Battlefield 2042 might've been left to the dogs as DICE scrambles to reassure us the franchise has a brighter future. With fears Battlefield's best might be behind it, we can't even enjoy those classic entries, as EA is preparing to pull the plug on some old favourites. 

Battlefield axes a bunch of old titles

The key art for Battlefield Bad Company 2.
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EA has revealed that a strong collection of its games will be shut down before 2024 comes around, announcing that the online capabilities of twelve games will be taken down.

The shutdown will be rolled out in stages, with Battlefield 1943, Battlefield Bad Company, and Battlefield Bad Company 2 being among those getting the chop.

We know it's a natural part of a game's life cycle, but that doesn't make it any less sad to lose the full experiences of titles like Bad Company 2, which put the series on the map for many.

In March, EA announced that these Battlefield favourites were being delisted in April, with the "retirement of the online services for these titles" coming on December 8. As we head toward this date of death, it's time to wave goodbye to the trenches. 

What are all of the games that EA are axing?

The key art for Battlefield Bad Company.
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The full list of games getting the chop has been revealed, and it includes some bizarre names - but it also has some truly iconic titles in there too.

The list is as follows:

September 2023: Crysis 3

October 2023: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 and Restaurant DASH: Gordon Ramsay

November 2023: FIFA 18, 19, 20, 21

December 2023: Battlefield 1943, Battlefield: Bad Company, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Dead Space 2, Dante’s Inferno

There are still a few months to make the most of those beloved Battlefields, and we expect to see an uptick in players. Then again, Steam Charts reports that at the time of writing, just 55 of you are playing Bad Company 2. It's a shame to say goodbye to the games, though we're sure we'll find a way to live without Restaurant DASH: Gordon Ramsay.

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