Battlefield streamer harassed by stream snipers for a year

Battlefield streamer harassed by stream snipers for a year
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3rd Jul 2023 10:40

You'd think that an audience for Battlefield 2042 streams would be drastically thinned by now, but it turns out that players are still tuning in to watch online personalities take the franchise for a spin.

Despite its many failures, Battlefield 2042 remains the first port of call for the series - even as many fans have defected back to the likes of Call of Duty. Still, there's a loyal following on sites like Twitch and Kick.

But there's a problem, as players are taking the opportunity to make these streamers' lives hell.

Stream sniping in Battlefield is ruthless

For over ten months now, AsheBF has been streaming his incredible talents in Battlefield 2042, choosing to take to the skies with his skills as a fighter pilot over boots-on-the-ground gunplay. Unfortunately, it seems many are jealous of his abilities and stream sniping has become a big problem.

Stream snipers have been present in AsheBF's streams for almost a year now, and it has just been summarised in one bonkers clip. A clip shared on Twitter by Jake Lucky has shown that an entire lobby has been packed with players watching along with AsheBF's stream and attempting to take him down.

The game is sent into chaos after the lobby zeroes in on one player. It's an incredibly intense clip, and as gamers are seeing the carnage that can unfold as a result of stream snipers, they haven't seen anything yet. This is only one example of how harassment has impacted AsheBF's streams, but it gets worse.

Bullying on AsheBF's streams has reached a fever pitch

AsheBF Battlefield Stream Snipers
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Lucky follows up with another tweet, explaining further just how bad bullying is in his streams. Lucky explained that after a close friend of AsheBF recently took their own life, a stream sniper elected to change their name to that of his deceased friend in an attempt to upset him.

There are calls for EA and DICE to do something, but it's unclear whether the dev or publisher will intervene as they're both busy with their own problems trying to keep Battlefield 2042 relevant. We know more is on the way, with Season 6 already confirmed - hopefully, AsheBF will have escaped this nightmare by then.

For those asking if there's anything AsheBF can do, Lucky reminds us, "Even blocking people in Battlefield does not stop them from being able to join your team and lobbies..." It's immensely dark, and it's a massive problem that the player is having trouble just playing normal matches. The internet is a grim place.

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