EA commits to new Battlefield despite disastrous 2042 launch

EA commits to new Battlefield despite disastrous 2042 launch
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Joseph Kime


11th May 2023 13:05

Battlefield's failures have become the stuff of legend recently, joining Cyberpunk 2077 and Fallout 76 in the 21st Century's Hall of Fame for disappointing video game releases.

Battlefield 2042 launched as one of the buggiest AAA titles we'd ever seen, and though it had promising plans, it failed to follow through on too many of its promises for players to stay engaged. As it has practically departed from any position of relevance, it seems that recovery would be far from the question.

But EA has high hopes for Battlefield and seemingly still thinks it can rival the juggernaut that is Call of Duty. If only we shared the same hopes after being burned by the past few releases. 

EA is dedicated to the future of Battlefield

EA commits to new Battlefield despite disastrous 2042 launch
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Speaking during the last EA investor report, the company's CEO Andrew Wilson has revealed that EA isn't intent on letting go of the FPS series just yet.

Following the news that a single-player Battlefield game is on the way (yes, because that always ends well), Wilson has clarified what else is on the horizon for the wartime favourite. He spoke on many games, but he admittedly mentioned Battlefield far more than anyone was expecting.

Wilson claims that he has faith in EA's "ability to bring Battlefield back in an entirely new way in the future." He also mentioned "building […] for the future," and taking ownership of the franchise.

Battlefield will be a "meaningful part" of EA's future

EA commits to new Battlefield despite disastrous 2042 launch
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Continuing in a Q&A portion of the call, Wilson adds that Battlefield is at the forefront of EA's mind when it comes to building towards the future.

"As we continue to move through this process and [it] becomes appropriate, we'll share more about the future of Battlefield," he says.

"But it is firmly implanted in that first pillar of our strategy building games and experiences that attract and entertain massive online communities across platforms, across business models, across geographies. And we think that Battlefield is going to be a meaningful part of our future."

Though the shooter series showed its poorer side at the launch of Battlefield 2042, it's nice to see that someone has faith in the franchise after all this time. To be honest, it's a pretty commendable amount of belief. 

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