Forget the Battlefield 2042 sequel, where’s Bad Company 3?

Forget the Battlefield 2042 sequel, where’s Bad Company 3?

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Joseph Kime


8th Jun 2023 12:50

Battlefield has been in a strange place since 2021. Battlefield 2042 defied expectations of it being the next shooter to define a generation by being abominably broken and buggy, forcing players back out the way they came, demanding refunds that never materialised.

Ever since, EA has been trying to convince players that the game is good now, and while it has made plenty of improvements to the fundamentals of the shooter, fans are long gone.

DICE is arguably beating a dead horse at this stage, and fans are worried that Battlefield is going to struggle to come back from the game's failures. But, fans think they have an idea of what could dig the franchise out of the dirt.

Battlefield players call for Bad Company 3

Make Bad Company 3
by u/Lord_Xytherius in gaming

Fans are rallying up on Reddit - calling for EA to bring back a classic Battlefield sub-series to help dig the franchise out of the hole it has found itself in over the last couple of years.

In a particularly succinct Reddit post, user Lord_Xytherius has bellowed, "Make Bad Company 3." Surprisingly, the subreddit has embraced such a simple post for its direct messaging. And it's safe to say that players couldn't agree more.

We haven't seen the series since the second title debuted in 2010, and many remember it as the height of the franchise's narrative quality. Though many got involved with Battlefield 3 and 4, Bad Company 2 was the calm before the storm that marked the uptick in the franchise before the wider gaming world took notice.

Fans react to calls for Bad Company 3

Forget the Battlefield 2042 sequel, where’s Bad Company 3?
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"DICE has no idea what made Bad Company 2 great game, hence they have not touched on it in recent years," says one commenter, confident in EA's ability to fumble the bag. And it seems that some feel as though the current gaming landscape wouldn't deserve a game as good as Bad Company 3.

Basking in the memories, someone else added, "Bad Company 2’s Vietnam DLC was the best expansion to any game I've ever played," while it's clear there's not much faith in DICE as a third said, "Bad Company is too good for this DLC-ridden world."

Someone else concluded, "The employees that made DICE good are long gone pal. Have you not seen Battlefield 2042? The days of a good battlefield are over thanks to poor management by EA and their insatiable desire for money and microtransactions." How bleak. 

Regardless of whether we get to see a full-blown Battlefield 2042 sequel or not, Battlefield is going to have to pull something magical out of the bag to bring itself back from the dead - we guess it won't be Battlefield 2042 Season 6. Maybe, just maybe, Bad Company is the avenue with which to do it.

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