EA FC 24 fans in uproar as ‘evidence’ of scripted games comes to light

EA FC 24 fans in uproar as ‘evidence’ of scripted games comes to light

Written by 

Jack Marsh


31st Oct 2023 18:00

This year's AI in EA FC 24 are some of the worst that we've ever had, especially when it comes to goalkeeping and attacking runs. 

Sometimes, you might even feel like the game gets easier, or harder, depending on your momentum. Does it ever feel like at some point the opposition AI are reading your every pass?

Well, now a "visual glitch" has opened up a world of controversy as it appears scripting is actually a thing.

EA FC 24 glitch appears to confirm scripting

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Claims of "scripting" in the FIFA series aren't new. They arise every year when users of football game get Burnley'd; having all the ball, can't seem to score against low-block teams, amassing an XG of 5.2, but losing the game 0-1 as the opponent scores their only counter-attack of the game.

It's a debate as old as time itself.

But in EA FC 24, a reported visual glitch has been appearing in some players' matches which is actually changing the quality of the AI mid-game.

During this weekend's Champs matches, some players saw a pop-up which says "Difficulty changed to World Class" or "Difficulty changed to Semi-Pro".

Although there is still no evidence of this physically having any reprimand in-game, the pop-up appeared to confirm scripting was in the game, with EA having programs to adjust AI intelligence mid-game.

EA FC 24 players fuming after scripting evidence airs


With this news airing, fans instantly took to social media to blast the system and express their frustration.

"As an avid anti dda/scripting believer, this has always been the ONLY conceivable thing I've believed in. The AI has to be a "difficulty" and sometimes it feels different to other times," said content creator "NepentheZ".

Another fan page added "This has always existed. It's not exactly a secret. We've explained this and even provided evidence a few years ago. In general, this is created with the intention of balancing the games, making them more exciting, and increasing engagement."

Others joked that the 44th minute and 90th minute AIs must drop to Amateur given the massive influx of additional-time goals we get to see.

Whether this was a visual glitch or not though, it is quite clear that there is much more fluctuation in the skill of AI this year in EA FC 24, and maybe this is why...

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