Did Megan Fox curse Shroud’s Diablo 4 character?

Did Megan Fox curse Shroud’s Diablo 4 character?
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Sascha Heinisch


9th Jun 2023 16:58

Unfortunate timing or demonic powers? For the second time since the launch of Diablo 4, Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek has lost his hardcore character. 

This one hurts even more, as his Druid had achieved the maximum level of 100 in Hardcore mode, which took him about 4 days of constant play to get there.

To add insult to injury, Megan Fox mocked the death of his first character and inevitably foreshadowed the untimely demise in the arguably most infuriating way imaginable.

What happened?

During his first playthrough after the Diablo 4 launch, Shroud lost his first Druid at level 47 while playing with a group of friends during a dungeon run.

Arguably due to user error, Shroud was crowd controlled by a fear effect which sent his character directly into an exploding mob that made quick work of his health bar, one-shotting him in the process.

Because he played on Hardcore mode, a special ruleset that enacts permadeath on a character after dying, he had to start from 0. Creating his new hardcore character, he ground up again, and this time, reached the maximum level of 100.

Tempting fate, he posted a clip of his first character dying as part of Blizzard Entertainment's promotion for the game, which asked players to post their hardcore character's death for a chance of a reaction from the Megan Fox.

Megan Fox curses Shroud

The savvy Blizzard PR team had the actress reply to Shroud's clip, mockingly stating, "Today we honour Shroud. Who fought bravely and died just… disgustingly."

Just 12 hours after the video reply was posted, Shroud was on his stream playing a nightmare dungeon on his level 100 Hardcore Druid - only to experience a lag spike. 

Already assuming the worst as the game caught up to the connection issues, Shroud found himself on a death screen. Shroud took it relatively well and calmly explained to his Discord call what had happened.

Already on Thursday 8th, 2023, a lag spike had claimed the first level 100 character of streamer Souaïb "cArn" Hanaf.  Blizzard - or Megan Fox for that matter - has yet to respond to the issues of lag spikes claiming several high-level Hardcore characters as the issue continues to rear its ugly head.

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