Diablo 4 players unconvinced by pricey Twitch drop

Diablo 4 players unconvinced by pricey Twitch drop
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18th May 2023 16:00

The hellfires are burning, as Diablo 4 is set to arrive on June 6. The excitement that Blizzard's demonic favourite is returning is growing day-by-day within the community as the release date creeps closer.

As you would expect, Blizzard and Twitch have partnered up to give away Twitch Drops between June 5 and July 2, 2023. This offers players a chance to get their hands on the exclusive Diablo 4 Primal Instinct mount.

Unfortunately, unlike typical Twitch Drops that simply require you to just watch a channel for a certain amount of time, this one forces players to subscribe to participating channels if they want the mount.

This news has been met with backlash by the community, which is frustrated that a pretty average reward is locked behind a frustrating paywall. Hardly the treat Blizzard has marketed it as!

Diablo 4 Twitch Drop requires two subscriptions to earn

PSA: Another mount coming through Twitch promotion
by u/Uberkull in diablo4

Taking to the Diablo 4 subreddit, user Uberkull shared that Twitch Drops would be available for the game, and one of them would be the Primal Instinct mount. In order to earn the mount, players will need to subscribe to two participating channels, costing a total of 10$.

In response, the community has voiced their frustration over how much Twitch is charging for the reward, with one user saying, "So that's basically twelve dollars for a scary-looking horse."

Another claims they're confused as "Every Twitch drop I've seen for games the only requirement was watch time this is kinda surprising... I'm not gonna sub to 2 Twitch streamers for a skin."

As the majority of users in the thread seem to be against paying for the reward, it will be interesting to see how many players are riding the mount after release.

Will there be other Diablo 4 Twitch Drops?

Diablo horse mount
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Luckily, Global Community Development Director on Diablo 4 Adam "PezRadar" Fletcher commented in the thread that there will be "standard viewing Drops requirements as well."

So, players who aren't keen on spending any extra money on Diablo 4 but still want to claim some free rewards, you can expect other free Twitch Drops to be announced.

Either way, it's clear a lot of the community is disappointed that Diablo 4's Primal Instinct mount isn't included in the base price of the game.

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