Diablo 4 Leaks Destroy Blizzard NDAs

Diablo 4 Leaks Destroy Blizzard NDAs
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Joseph Kime


21st Oct 2022 14:07

Diablo 4 looming around the corner is doing a lot to keep fans going. Especially as the mainline series has been a little quiet. Of course, we've had Diablo Immortal as the mobile translation of the franchise, but many dedicated fans are still deeply unhappy with the way that the game handled its microtransaction habits.


And now, as we watch on with jealousy as testers that put their time into previous games take Diablo 4 for a spin in closed tests, they're paying it forward to fans - by breaching NDAs and dishing out leaks. If you don't want to know what Blizzard has been working on, you should probably avoid Reddit for a while. 

Diablo 4 Testers Instantly Leak Details

Diablo 4 Leaks Destroy Blizzard NDAs
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There's one thing you don't ask leakers to do, and it's not to leak things. Blizzard seems to have made that mistake. The endgame beta of Diablo 4 has landed, and as playtesters have signed NDAs to ensure that leaks don't get out, guess what those same playtesters have done?

They've taken to Reddit to share their details with emails with a big bright "confidential" sign on it, absolutely eviscerating their NDA contracts and forcing the Diablo subreddit to crack down on leaks across the board.

It has been a very dramatic affair for fans, as moderators scramble to have posts taken down. Still, screenshots and gameplay videos galore continue to seep onto the internet regardless. It's a hell of a lot for them to deal with, and a terrible outcome for Diablo. Maybe trusting fans not to break the law for clout was a mistake.


When Is Diablo 4 Predicted To Come Out?

Though the leaks have clearly dealt a pretty massive hit to the secrecy of Diablo 4 yet again, hopefully the game won't be that too far off regardless. We know that Diablo 4 is currently planned to release at some point in 2023.

There's no solid release date just yet - but some fans are hopeful that we'll see the arrival of the new dawn for Diablo before the year is halfway out. The fiery favourite might have leaked pretty intensely at this stage, but it hasn't dampened excitement for fans. Leaked or not, fans are going to guzzle down Diablo 4 on release, and with good reason.