Diablo 4 Gameplay Leaks Online

Diablo 4 Gameplay Leaks Online
Images via Blizzard

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Joseph Kime


19th Sep 2022 14:19

The fourth game in the Diablo series has been a long time coming, and though it has had some supplements, they don't quite match up to the real thing.

Of course, players have been getting to grips with Diablo Immortal, but many are still burned by the game's favour of microtransactions that it seems to be comfortable with in its mobile game format. It's not enough for most, and the mainline titles have never been in higher demand from fans.

And now, in a surprise that seems to answer the prayers of fans everywhere, some Diablo 4 gameplay from the upcoming Diablo entry has been released - and there's a lot of it.

What Does The Diablo 4 Gameplay Show?

After a few leaks that exposed Diablo 4's character creation were revealed earlier this month, we now have massive leaks that reveal a whopping 40 minutes of footage of the upcoming game.

The footage does look very much like official footage, as the video is often overlaid with occasional "Private Test Build" watermarks, and is very much like the gameplay that fans have been waiting for. Although this does mean that it'll be easier for Blizzard to identify whoever was responsible for the leak itself - so thank you for your service, whoever you are - but the trouble you'll be in now probably won't be worth the clout.


The footage contains the voices of two people who seem to be watching the footage itself, which seems to indicate that this is a recording of a recording.

When Will We See More From Diablo 4?

As of right now, this footage could be the most we'll see of Diablo 4 for a hot minute, given that the game is set to be released at some point next year, without a concrete date or release window. If Diablo 4 is looking at an early 2023 release, then we could get another full trailer in the coming months - but otherwise, we could be waiting until the new year for another look at the game.

To be fair, though, this is a lot of gameplay to flip through. At the very least, this will tide us Diablo 4 fanatics over. It might not be official, but it's certainly a great look at the game, and we'll take what we can get.