Diablo 4 dev confirms Treasure Goblin loot will be buffed

Diablo 4 dev confirms Treasure Goblin loot will be buffed
Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

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Alex Garton


19th May 2023 16:12

Diablo 4's recent server slam event gave the community another chance to dive into Sanctuary ahead of the game's launch on June 6.

While feedback from players was overwhelmingly positive, there was some criticism about certain enemies and the rewards they offer.

One, in particular, was the Treasure Goblins who have been described as 'underwhelming' by fans due to their poor drops. Luckily, a lead Diablo 4 dev has confirmed this problem has been noted and the enemies are being buffed for launch.

Treasure Goblin loot buffed for Diablo 4 launch

Taking to Twitter on May 16, user Vulfen2015 decided to ask GM on Diablo 4 Rod Fergusson if he could 'please look into the loot of treasure goblins.'

According to the player, they 'killed 20+ over the server slam without a single legendary drop and only 2 cosmetic drops.'

This left them extremely disappointed as the 'Goblins are seriously underwhelming compared to previous titles.'

Fortunately, Fergusson responded incredibly quickly, confirming that 'Yes, we're aware and have already made the fix for launch.'

How much loot will Treasure Goblins drop in Diablo 4?

Treasure Goblins Diablo 4
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Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

While Fergusson confirmed the goblins were going to be buffed for launch, he didn't go into detail about how they were going to be changed.

A lot of fans are hoping they're only improved slightly, as in Diablo 3 'one goblin can you give you an entire set of legendary items.' The challenge for the devs is going to be finding the correct balance for these creatures, so they're valuable, but not completely overpowered when it comes to loot.

For now, we'll just have to wait for the official launch on June 6 to see how valuable each Treasure Goblin will be.

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