Diablo 4 Alpha Footage Leaks Online

Diablo 4 Alpha Footage Leaks Online
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Joseph Kime


8th Aug 2022 08:48

The name Diablo hasn't exactly been the most favourable in recent months. Of course, the newly-released Diablo Immortal is an incredibly fun peek into the Diablo universe in mobile form. Still, fans have been seriously peeved with its microtransaction-heavy structure that puts severe roadblocks in the way of players that aren't willing to shell out their hard-earned money on it.

It's a pretty bleak marker of Blizzard's attitude toward game development and support, but it's working a treat, so it has little reason to pack it in. However, with Diablo 4 on the horizon, there's every chance that this controversy will be swept under the rug.

And while fans are getting excited about the upcoming mainline title, others are cracking into it with the alpha playtest. As with anything though, the first leaks are starting to float around the internet... be warned.

What Does The Diablo 4 Alpha Footage Show?

Diablo 4 Alpha Footage Leaks Online
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It goes without saying, really, but the following contains spoilers for Diablo 4. Abandon all hype ye who enter here.

Reports began to circulate that Blizzard was running Alpha tests of the upcoming Diablo 4 in a closed manner with the family and friends of Blizzard teams. Seemingly in response, images and slithers of information began to appear online too.

Leaks have cropped up and been taken down pretty promptly, but getting the gist of the peeks that we've had so far, is the appearance of the character creator that offers players a look at some new tattoo options, and the difficulty options on offer to them.


If you want to see the leaks for yourself, you can spy them here - but on your head be it if it takes away from your Diablo 4 experience. The leaks aren't particularly vicious, and they're not doing a lot to wreck the game's experience - but that hasn't stopped the game's subreddit from responding.

Diablo Subreddit Responds To Leaks

These leaks have prompted a response from the admins of the Diablo subreddit, who have discouraged their distribution but have insisted they won't be enforcing a ban. "We don't condone leaking of pre-release information, and we will not punish you for leaking it either," reads a post from moderator MaxLemon.

The warning continues, "What Blizzard chooses to do to individuals who leak pre-release information is entirely outside of our jurisdiction of power (which is solely r/Diablo) and may include actions taken against your battle.net account (including suspension, permanent suspension, etc) as well as legal action against your persons if you signed an NDA or caused damages to the company or IP."

It looks like Diablo 4 is beginning to trickle through the cracks of the internet, and while some might not be happy about it, it's bound to happen with games like these. At least it's helping drum up some more hype for the next chapter. Still though, Blizzard, it might be time to upgrade your security.

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