Destiny 2 Player Slammed For Shoving Dog Into Mini Fridge Live On Stream

Destiny 2 Player Slammed For Shoving Dog Into Mini Fridge Live On Stream
Image Credit: GSXRCLYDE | Twitter | YouTube

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Emma Hill


4th Jan 2022 11:03

Twitch streamer and Destiny 2 player GsxrClyde has been heavily criticised after he shared a video in which he forcibly pushed his dog into a mini fridge, live on stream. 

Some streamers can find the long days in front of the camera extremely frustrating, especially when in the middle of a battle royale game. Content creators, such as iconic angry man Félix "xQc" Lengyel have become synonymous for their frustration-fuelled explosive rants against trolls and "f*cking useless" fans. Although, the majority often try to keep calm and watch their words or actions at the risk of landing themselves in hot water with the Twitch community. For example, the Botez sisters issued an apology following a "dumb off-hand comment" made at FIDE Chess World Championship in Dubai. 

However, streamer GsxrClyde clearly lost his cool live in front of his fans when he shoved his dog into a mini fridge during one particularly frustrating playthrough. The viral clip has subsequently led to the content creator having to address the video following outcry across the internet. 

What Happened During GsxrClyde's Stream?

In the clip, Clyde can be seen examining a camera harness for his dog Thor. After the canine is shown leaning over his owner's shoulder to chew the harness, Clyde shoves the dog backwards with apparent force, causing Thor to crash into a mini fridge. As the force of the push knocks over some items on the fridge, Clyde says to his pet "you're p*ssing me off" and proceeds to call him a "stupid f*ck". 

The clip actually came from a stream from earlier in 2021, but it only began to circulate on the internet on January 3 after it was shared on Clyde's YouTube channel. What further angered fans was that the clip was included by Clyde as a 2021 highlight video, featuring his "best" moments of the year. 

As a result, the streamer was met with a wave of criticism from viewers who called his behaviour "disgusting". However, one fan defended Clyde's actions by claiming "people in the comments don’t understand what it’s like to have a huge dog. It’s not like he threw him, he shoved him off of himself. Again he’s a big ass dog of course things are going to fall over." Another who disagreed with the comment stated: "There is a difference between pushing your dog away and literally clothes lining and shoving them. There's no out of context for this, there's nothing. That's straight up not knowing how to handle an animal."

How Did GsxrClyde Respond To The Backlash?

Following the backlash, Clyde addressed the clip during a stream on January 3 in which Thor also made an appearance. The streamer explained: "The problem is, why people are mad about it, is that it was in a highlight video of 2021." He then took full responsibility for the clip appearing in the compilation saying "it’s my fault, I didn't look at the video. It's not the editor’s fault, it's no one's fault." Although, Clyde went on to further claim that the clip had been "witch-hunted" as the footage had been around eight months prior to becoming viral. 

Of course, Clyde isn't the first streamer to be criticised for the way he treats his animals. For example, as well as making a getting a whopping amount of money through her OnlyFans account,  Natalia "Alinity" Mogollon made the headlines when she appeared to throw her cat over her shoulder while she was in the middle of streaming.

Despite calls for Clyde to be banned from YouTube for his behaviour, there has still been no response from the streaming platform at the time of writing.


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