xQc Threatens To Ban "F*cking Useless" Fans

xQc Threatens To Ban "F*cking Useless" Fans
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Emma Hill


13th Dec 2021 16:03

If you listen very carefully, wherever you are in the world, then chances are you'll hear the calm, soothing screams of Felix "xQc" Lengyel on the wind. This time, xQc had a bone to pick with some of his unhappy Twitch viewers and even threatened to ban them.

Streamer xQc has a particular reputation for giving our ear drums a good workout and his latest rant was definitely no different. However, there have been times when his comments have landed the streamer in hot water, including the multiple times he has been banned from Twitch and even GTA. He also hasn't said the nicest things about his fellow streamers, like Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa.

xQc's most recent rant during a Twitch stream may cause him to lose a fair few followers, as the streamer went into full on rage mode with a profanity-fuelled rant in which he threatened to ban his dissatisfied fans. Cover your ears, kids, because this isn't going to be pretty. 

Why Did xQc Threaten To Ban His Twitch Fans?

During his stream on December 12, xQc received a number of comments from fans on his stream chat instructing the 26-year-old to get on with playing some games instead of talking. xQc saw red and exploded into an angry rant about the unhappy group of fans and claiming that streamers are having to "bow down" to the Twitch community, which has become a group of "b*tches."

In the rant, xQc screamed: "The root cause is b*tches. In this course of the internet, okay, we had never had so many b*tches in such high concentration. We are at the f*cking pulp orange juice of the glass. So many b*tches complain like h*es." Continuing with his incensed rant, xQc said: "What you think is if you do what they want, they will leave me. No! The b*tches don’t complain to get the result and fix the world. They complain to feel good about themselves. They feel like they’re useful. The reality: they’re not. They’re f*cking useless, baseless, futureless b*tches. They’ll get banned."

xQc Compares Fans To Boomers 

You may well be thinking "okay, xQc you've made your point." Oh, no. xQc didn't finish there. The Twitch streamer had plenty more to say to his critics by calling them "boomers". Continuing with his roast, xQc claimed: "There’s a lot of boomers on Twitch that are content purists. They’re like, hey dude this content is not content. B*tch no one cares. If I enjoy something and the community enjoys it, the thought process literally comes at a complete halt there. It stops, at least for me it stops."

His critics weren't the only ones who xQc had some things to say to. The French-Canadian star also spoke out against streamers who 'fold' to the "content purists". Through another explosive rant and some very fruit language, xQc warned not to give into the "content purists" as, by giving them what they want, they "will only want more." 

Phew. That was intense. However, xQc wouldn't be xQc without some kind of angry rant. So, ultimately, he gives the people what they want.  However, if you're thinking about sending him some advice or feedback, maybe do your ear drums a favour and don't. 


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