Asmongold calls out ‘fat’ and ‘ugly’ streamers

Asmongold calls out ‘fat’ and ‘ugly’ streamers
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Joseph Kime


11th May 2023 19:05

Streaming on Twitch can fire you into the stratosphere of online fame, or leave you festering playing Fortnite in a dark room. Often, there's no way of predicting the way that livestreaming can affect your career as an influencer, but it can take your livelihood away just as quickly as it can give it to you.

Fame on Twitch means little to people outside of its online confines, but from the inside, it's immensely lucrative and can boost normal people quietly into the mainstream. Now, Zack "Asmongold" Hoyt reckons that all of that hinges on attractiveness. Sure, Jan.

Asmongold says you need to be hot to be on Twitch

Asmongold, who is creator who has become equally adored and maligned for his lack of ability to tidy his room or shower, has come forward to share what he thinks it takes to be successful on the platform. Apparently, he thinks it's all down to attractiveness.

Asmongold asked his chat on a recent stream, "Well here’s the thing right, you wan't to know a really, really, uncomfortable and sh*tty truth?

"Is that if you're ugly, people won't like you. And this is even more true for girls. So if you're really fat and really ugly, it doesn't matter how funny you are, people just aren't gonna like you. They don't want to look at you. That's it."

Though no oil painting himself, Asmongold has made it clear that he reckons that for women especially, it's a game of attractiveness on Twitch.

Asmongold is open to defecting to Kick

Asmongold calls out ‘fat’ and ‘ugly’ streamers
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In other news for the streamer, Asmongold has recently revealed that he would defect to Kick, or to any other platform for that matter, if they had a good offer for him.

"The main reason why I stream on here (Twitch) is just for YouTube content!" he says. "I mean, this s**t is going to go on YouTube! So, whether it goes on YouTube from Twitch, or whether it goes on YouTube from Kick or... f*****g Rumble, or Odysee, or YouTube, who cares?! It's all the same to me."

It would make sense for Asmongold to make the shift, especially if he reckons that it's attractiveness that pulls views on Twitch. Maybe the case is different elsewhere and the streamer might be able to pull the views without making such bold and controversial statements.

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