Amouranth Treats Herself With A $1 Million Birthday Present

Amouranth Treats Herself With A $1 Million Birthday Present
Image Credit: Amouranth | GGRecon

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Emma Hill


8th Dec 2021 10:49

When the annual day of your birth arrives you might treat yourself to a new AAA game you've had your eye on. Or you might even push the boat out and go for a meal. For Amouranth, it's splashing out on a mere $1 million present.

Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa certainly knows how to keep the money rolling in. She may not be the highest paid female Twitch streamer, but that doesn't mean she hasn't stopped earning some eye-watering figures from her ASMR content. For instance, Amouranth earned nearly $300,000 for one particular NSFW clip

After a long year of streaming and having to deal with one Twitch ban after another, it's no surprise that Amouranth wanted to splash out a little bit to celebrate her birthday this year. So, the Twitch superstar claims she has spent $1 million on a self-congratulatory gift. 

What Did Amouranth Get Herself For Her Birthday?

On her personal Twitter account, Amouranth revealed: "I bought myself a million dollars of Visa Stock for my birthday!". She made the announcement alongside a screenshot showing that she know officially owns 5400 shares in Visa which totals about $1 million. However, there were some fans who were a still a little confused about the investment, so Amouranth had to go into a little bit more detail.

In a thread, the streamer explained: "A lot of people are criticizing me for lack of diversification. visa $V is my SMALLEST position. I still have many many months worth of $1m earnings held as "dry powder" in case the market swoons (we can only hope!)." She continued: "In a June interview I mentioned not having bought any stocks or other investments all year. In August and October I bought about $2,000,000 of google stock spread out throughout the 2 month [...] We’ll be in LA this week and I’m considering buying a place there so that I can more easily do collabs since it’s the epicenter of this whole "attention economy" thing. Also this is not financial advice but I think google is still cheap."

Why Did Amouranth Spend $1 Million On The Birthday Gift?

Amouranth hasn't shied away from going into detail about her earnings and how exactly she spends them. For example, there were fears that the streamer could be retiring when, in an unexpected move, she bought a gas station for $4 Million. However, she explained that it was simply an investment to help build some extra money on the side. The avid animal-lover has been very vocal about the many investments she has made to help achieve her dream of running a successful animal shelter.

With such a wealth of financial knowledge that Amouranth has shown, it's no surprise that fans are calling for the streamer to create videos about the topic. However, she quickly quelled those rumours, saying that she was "super appreciative and flattered but in truth I can’t even get people to watch my reacts to funny TikToks lol."


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