Amouranth Gets Banned From Twitch For The Fifth 'And Final' Time

Amouranth Gets Banned From Twitch For The Fifth 'And Final' Time
Amouranth Twitch

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Katey Roberts


11th Oct 2021 11:58

Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa has apparently found herself in hot water, with the steamy streamer getting banned from Twitch for the fifth time. This time though, it might be a lot more serious than previously.

Rumours began swirling over the weekend that Amouranth had been banned from the streaming platform, but many other fans also noticed that at the exact same time she seemed to have been banned from TikTok and Instagram. 

Why has Amouranth been banned on social media?


Considering Twitch's strict guidelines on explicit content, it's likely that Amouranth may find herself with a permanent suspension from the streaming platform. Her latest ban before this was back in June after Twitch claimed she had 'broken the rules' during an ASMR stream

It is currently unknown exactly why she is banned on Twitch, but she said in a recent YouTube video that the reasons behind her ban on Instagram and TikTok confused her - considering she believes she had 'tamed' her content in recent weeks. 

Will Amouranth be allowed to return to Twitch?


Amouranth has also claimed that she doesn't know whether or not she'll be given access to her Instagram account during the video, but with her current alt account in rotation, she isn't away from the platform altogether. 

Twitch partner Commander Root did reply to a comment on Amouranth's ban news that confirmed she was still labelled as an official Twitch partner herself, which normally tends to be removed the second someone is de-platformed. 

It's just a matter of time before we see if Amouranth will return to the streaming platform, or if she'll just stick to YouTube and Twitter.


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