Amazon Promises God Of War Series Will Stick to The Source Material

Amazon Promises God Of War Series Will Stick to The Source Material
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Tom Chapman


22nd Dec 2022 14:23

Live-action video game adaptations seem to be everywhere these days, and while we've had hits like Sonic the Hedgehog, others like Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City and the franchise's Netflix series leave a lot to be desired.

Ushering in a new era of TV and cinematic video game adaptations, we have the likes of Illumination's The Super Mario Bros. Movie, HBO's The Last of Us, and Amazon's Fallout. Joining the latter, we have the much-hyped God of War series.

What's Going On With Amazon's God Of War?

At first, we weren't sure which era the God of War series would adapt. Kratos has been twirling the Blades of Chaos since 2005, and with five mainline games alongside plenty of spin-offs and prequels, there's a lot of source material to adapt.

We now know Amazon will be tackling the recent Norse saga, meaning there's only 2018's God of War and 2022's Ragnarok to pull from. It would be a shame if we didn't at least have some flashbacks to Kratos' time taking on Zeus in Ancient Greece, and if we do, at least it will be faithful to the games.

Speaking to Collider, Amazon Studios' Head of Television Vernon Sanders promised the series will stick close to Sony Santa Monica's game. The streaming giant is no stranger to adaptations thanks to shows including The Boyd, and according to Sanders, God of War will follow in its footsteps.

"We know that there's such a passionate fan base for God of War. But the thing that we're always looking for is whether there is a real emotional core, if there's a real narrative story, and I think [that's] part of what makes God of War so special."

He continued, "At the center of it all is this story of fathers and sons, and families, set against this giant epic landscape. So what Rafe [Judkins] (showrunner) and Mark [Fergus] and Hawk [Ostby] (writers) have come up with for the first season, and for the series, I think, is both incredibly true to the source material, and also compelling on its own."

Saying that it's an entry point for fans old and new alike, Sanders concluded, "If you never played the game, you will fall in love with the show and feel very much invited in. So we think it's going to be huge." Basically, God of War should offer something for everyone.

Who Is In The God Of war Cast?

Yeah, yeah, faithful retellings are all well and good, but we really want to know who will be flexing their muscles in Amazon's live-action adaptation. Atreus actor Sunny Suljić has already put himself forward, while fans are begging Amazon not to cast Tom Holland as Kratos' son.

Obviously, the big one is who will shoulder the immense weight of playing the Ghost of Sparta. Right now, it's anyone's guess. Way back when, Sony greenlit a God of War movie that was circling Gerard Butler, and with Amazon focusing on an older Kratos, he could still work.

Other names floating around include everyone from Tom Hardy to Dave Bautista, and let's not forget Nick Offerman would look great as Kratos.

For a lot of fans though, it's current Kratos voice actor Christopher Judge who should play him in live-action. The actor is a fan-favourite, and even led to Ragnarok's delay while the team waited for Judge to recover from surgery. Judge is Kratos for many, but we'll have to wait and see.

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