Patch v12.2 introduced a new vehicle, the chopper. Where can you find it?

01:00, 30 Mar 2020

On 17th March, Fortnite released v12.2. This update introduced a brand-new vehicle, the Choppa. This helicopter is one of the two air-borne vehicles ever introduced in Fortnite, the first one being the Stormwing, a bi-plane released in the 7th Season of Chapter 1. Different vehicles, consumable items, and wind tunnels have been added to pace up the game, since the release of Fortnite. 

This addition was necessary given the fact that the only other mode of transportation in the game was motor-boats which proved to be inefficient over land, but with Choppas being introduced things are going to be a lot different. The Choppas are the fastest method of getting around the map. They do not, however, have any in-built weapons. There is a loudspeaker mounted on top of the Choppa playing music while you are soaring the skies. 

There 11 Choppas placed throughout the map. Here are the locations where you can find them. All of them are located at the POI’s which were added in the second season of Chapter 2

You can see these points highlighted in the image below:

Fortnite map landing zones.

Here are details on the locations so it can be easy for you to track them down:

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    E4 - The Agency: On the coast of The Agency.

  • B7 - The Rig: Towards the right side of the floating platform.

  • H1 - The Yacht: Southern side of the yacht.

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    D3 - SHADOW Safe House Alpha: In the underground Bunker.

  • G4 - SHADOW Safe House Beta 

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    F2 - SHADOW Safe House Charlie: As you leave Craggy Cliffs it will be on your left side.

  • E7 - SHADOW Safe House Delta 

  • B4 - SHADOW Safe House Echo 

  • G7 - Weather Station: On the right side of the mountain on the bottom left corner of the map

  • B1 - The Shark: On the upper west side

  • H5 - The Grotto: The pad is located in the center. 

The chopper in the game.

The Choppa can host a maximum of five passengers, including the driver. The four players on the side can use their weapons to deal damage but are at risk themselves while the driver is covered from all sides. It has 1500 health, but while it flies defenceless those numbers deplete at a rapid rate. The Choppa has realistic control and is similar to a real-life helicopter. If the helicopter is shot down, players will receive fall damage since there is no glider re-deploy upon its crashing and while crashing down the helicopter will explode on impact. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that when the health of the helicopter is low, you should fly it over a water source or descend so close to the ground in order to escape it without losing health. 


The Choppa can be used like any other vehicle, by jumping into the pilot seat and starting the engines. Once in the air, you'll be able to slowly manoeuvre your way through the sky, ascending or descending with the shoulder buttons and applying boost, when required, with the circle button on PS4 and the B button on XBOX.

Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

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